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Monday, April 25, 2005

�TIME TO RANT AND RAVE� Sometimes you can tell very early in the morning if it will be a good day or not. Today was one of those mornings. First off I get into Manhattan and before getting on the subway I buy my newspapers. As I go down the stairs of the Whitehall Street station I realize I�ve been given a Canadian Quarter in my change. Nothing pisses me off more than getting Canadian coins as change. Talk about worthless currency; try getting rid of Canadian money in NYC. Hell, they don�t even want it Canada. Now I have to wait until my wife empties her piggy bank and rolls the coins to push off this Canadian quarter, which scares her as she feels putting a Canadian coin in with American coins to give to the bank is like committing fraud, which it probably is but shit why should I get stuck with this close to counterfeit currency? Now I board the R train for my morning ride to Queens and crack open the NY Daily News. I�ve always read the Daily News first because as a kid my old man always told me the News �was the paper of the working man� and old habits are hard to change. I turn to the page with the story of the Mets-Le Nationals game as I didn�t get to see most of this one yesterday and whose ugly face do I see on the page but Highlander jock sniffer Fillip Bondy writing about the Mets. Now I don�t have to read the story to know Bondy will be extremely negative toward the Mets. See he must have pissed off Daily News Sports Editor, Leon Carter and as his punishment he must write about the Mets. So here I am on a NYC subway train that is about three quarters full, reading Bondy on the Mets and I start ranting like Lewis Black. FUCK YOU BONDY!!!! I mutter and three people move toward the other end of the subway car. With my index finger crooked, I point and yell, WHAT BULLSHIT!!!!! Now I get a seat as most of the other folks around me start to move away. KISS MY BLUE AND ORANGE ASS MORON!!!! Now I look up and it�s just a homeless guy and me and the homeless guy looks horrified and he leaves at the 34th Street station. At this point I figure I better clam down or I�ll either end up in the Midtown South police station or the psych ward at Bellevue. Let�s me highlight some of the happy horseshit that Bondy was spewing today: [Mike Piazza shows his frustration as the Nationals tack on another run in the 6th inning. Sometimes the headlines from the Bronx get in the way and we forget that the Yankees aren't the only ones around here with major pitching gaps. The potholes don't end at the Triboro Bridge] First Mets fans could give a rat�s ass about the goings on in the Bronx? Second the Mets have three starting pitchers on the DL and they have still not lost a series since the April 8th-10th series against the Braves in Atlanta. In the last five series played the Mets have won 3 and tied 2. Tell me another team in baseball that could do that with three fifths of its rotation out? Willie Randolph has shown that he is no excuses guy. As he tells Butt Boy Bondy that �I go with the guys I have until we get the full troops back. When we get Benson and Ishii back, we�ll be fine. Butt Boys response is: [Fine? No. Competitive? Maybe. For the time being, the Mets are day-to-day, a lot like their staff. Zambrano is usually one of their bad days.] Competitive? Maybe? What a schmuck! I guess he wrote this around the time he and his Bleacher Creature friends start their circle jerk in the Highlander Stadium parking lot. What�s even more amazing is this guy gets paid to write this crap. This Mets team is more than competitive, it has shown more heart in a series than his Highlander Millionaires club has shown all season. The Highlanders are in so much disarray that Captain Defensively Challenged had to call a team meeting. As John Madden like to say �you know things are going south for your team when a player calls a team meeting�. Here�s a little free advise for St. Joseph of Torre that might save his ass in the Bronx. Tell whoever is in charge of distributing the player�s paychecks to let you do it next payday. Before you give out the checks go up to the 99 Cents store near Jerome Ave and buy 25 little mirrors. Then you attach a note to the checks that says, �Does the man in this mirror deserve this money�? If that don�t get them in gear then check the real estate pages for homes in Maui cause you�re a dead man walking. Bondy has no clue of the type of baseball the Mets have been playing the last two weeks: [That is not to say the Mets can't surprise some teams this year, or that their record won't improve considerably from the Art Howe days. It's just that expectations are beginning to zoom unrealistically, mainly because that other New York baseball team is struggling so badly.] The expectations are high because the team has gone 10-4 since the 0-5 start and they have shown resilience and the ability to come from behind. The manger does not panic and gets the most out of his 25 man roster than any manager the Mets have had since Davey Johnson. The NL East looks as if it will be a dogfight all season and don�t think for one second that the rest of the NL is not looking toward their meeting with the Mets and realize they are no longer pushovers. Flip Bondy and Canadian quarters, absolutely useless. �PROFESSOR RICKS ACHILLIES HEAL� �I can fix him in 10 minutes� Rick Peterson on Victor Zambrano I may be the only one here that thinks Professor Rick is on the hot seat this season and the more The Zambrano Project fails the hotter that seat is getting. From the TV shots in the dugout this season it seems Randolph and Peterson are working well together but I find it very surprising that we have not heard a peep out of Omar for a couple of weeks now. During the off season and in spring training, Omar was around as often as a Seinfeld rerun. Now he�s stepped back and let Randolph handle the day to day briefings of the media. What I�m getting to in a round about way is, I want to hear Omar�s� view on The Zambrano Project and what if any does Zambrano's performance reflect on Rick Peterson. It seems Zambrano is the same pitcher he has always been, a guy with tremendous control and command problems. Yesterday was vintage Zamabrano. Three runs allowed in the first inning and then after the Mets offenses got the runs back for him in the bottom of the inning, but he let in one run in the third and put two runners on in the fifth that scored when Manny Aybar came in the game. Aybar inherited two runners and both scored, if Aybar comes up big in that spot it may have changed the game as it would have been 4-3 Nats going to the bottom of the 5th. I still like Professor Rick but I just wonder how much of the success/failure of The Zambrano Project the Professor is held responsible for? �TELL ME AGAIN WHY BABY MANNY HAS TO BE SENT DOWN�? Joe Benigno and Eddie (Grey Goose) Coleman were at it again this morning over Victor Diaz as this asinine reasoning that he should be sent to Norfolk when Mike Cameron comes off the disabled list still is a lively topic. Coleman still thinks that Diaz will be sent down and Joey Bada Bing went ballistic. Benigno feels like a huge majority of us Mets fans that Diaz going to Norfolk makes absolutly no sense. For some reason Coleman thinks Diaz would benefit from it. How the hell could it benefit him? With the help of Lee Sinins ATM newsletter here is where Victor Diaz stands among the NL offensive leaders: RCAA 11 tied for 5th OPS 1.194 4th RS 16 tied for 3rd Triples 1 tied for 8th Walks 12 tied for 10th AVG .362 tied for 8th SLG .702 tied 4th Runs Created 14.81 4th OWP .875 3rd RC 17 tied for 6th Isolated Power .340 tied for 5th Secondary Average .638 1st Total Average 1.516 2nd BPA .797 1st What we Mets fans need to do is start writing Victor Diaz�s name in on the All Star Ballots for RF. Just think, if every Mets fan votes on the internet or goes to Shea or any ML stadium and stuffs the ballot box with Victor Diaz as a write in candidate. Even if he does not get enough votes to start, how would it look if he garnered a lot of votes then there�s now way Omar can send him down? VOTE DIAZ. VOTE OFTEN!!!!!!! (to post a comment, please click on the time of this posting) < |