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Friday, April 29, 2005

�A TALE OF TWO SUPERSTARS� The other night when A-Fraud had his game for the ages, I felt happy for him. As much of a phony as I think he is you cannot dispute his talent but there is something about him that just grates at you. Is it the money? For me it�s not even though his contract is the most ridiculous one ever put forth by a professional sports team. Is it his way of playing? Well, he does go all out and he did shift from short to third without a hitch and he did so knowing he is a better shortstop than Captain Defensively Deficient. So what is it that pisses people off about A-Fraud? What is it about him that when he leaves a team they not only get better but the scream out �Don�t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out�? The answer is, he�s a selfish prick, and an annoying one, and a condesending one as well. I�m reading Bob Raissman column this morning in the Daily News and it all comes out in the wash. After his 3 HR 10 RBI night, the next day a company called �A-Rod Authenticated� ran an add on Klueless Kay�s radio show on 1050ESPN radio here in NYC. A-Rod Authenticated was touting a �limited supply� of 113 baseballs were on sale autographed by A-Fraud (I guess he suffers from carpal tunnel) with the stats from his career game. Now to share this event with his fans A-Fraud was asking for a mere $399 per ball. Is he a man of the people or what? $399 for an autographed ball from a guy who makes over 20 mill a season, hey like Latrell Sprewell said, �I gotta feed my kids�. It just goes to show you that A-Fraud has no conscience; no understanding of the New York fans or fans in general. Even though prices at baseball games are through the roof, it is still the one professional sport that the working man can bring his family to. If your a guy who busts his ass at his job and works some overtime to make a few extra bucks because his kids want to go to a ball game how are you supposed to look at a selfish ingrate like A-Fraud when he�s hawking baseballs for $399 a pop? We�re supposed to cheer this guy? Please. This is the same guy who during the winter did a private signing with Barry Bonds in NYC (which was pimped by Klueless Kay, more on him in a sec) and charged people $7,500 for the honor of looking at them and getting an autograph. Hey I guess if people are stupid enough to pay money for this who am I to judge, but I had more respect for Bonds in this because when he was asked if he was donating any of his fee he said �Yes, to the Barry Bonds Retirement Fund�. Hey at least he was honest. A-Fraud made up some bullshit story about charities and such and could not come to tell the truth that he�s a greedy pig and he can�t get enough from the money trough. Hell, even John Gotti had more of a conscience than A-Fraud when it came to greed when he berated Sammy �The Bull� Gravano when he told him �Sammy, when the fuck is enough enough for you? Share the wealth will ya� Then I turned to the NY Post and read Mark Hale�s story on Carlos Beltran. The headline really says it all �WELL-CENTERED�. The story angles on how Beltran whose dealing with the pressure of playing in NYC were well documented when he signed with the Mets, has not only adjusted but is thriving. If anything Beltran has a great understanding of New Yorkers. We like guys who go out and work hard and make no excuses. Beltran seems to be the type of guy who is the same whether he�d make $17 mil a year or minimum wage. His personality is even and his work ethic is beyond approach. Unlike A-Fraud he does not use that work ethic and rub other players noses in it. That�s why he is respected by his teammates and opposing player alike. His overall offensive number are very consistent ..287/.351/.437/.787 3 HR 12 RBI 11 RS. But when you look at his numbers that dinosaurs like me still refer to as �Clutch� you see .375 with runners on base. .409 with runners in scoring position. .444 in Close and Late Game situations. Then you add in his play in centerfield and his not too high not to low demeanor it adds up to why Beltran was the most covented free agent in the off season. It�s not about him it�s about the team, which is something that has escaped A-Fraud. Now about Klueless Kay. It�s not the smartest move pissing off the few listeners you have with stupid tirades. I mean I reach more people talking to myself than Klueless does barking into a microphone from 4-7PM. Also, do you think it�s a co-winky-dink that the biggest putz�s in the media are associated with the Highlanders? Kay, John (it is high, it is far it is caught by the second baseman)Sterling, Bill Madden, Francessa, Bondy, and Buster Onley boy if there are any villages out there looking for idiots there are your prime candidates (put Chris Russo in there as well as he could be Emperor of Idiots) Kay went on a rampage about Highlander fans that still don�t feel A-Fraud is a true Highlander: ["Yankee fans should be so appreciative to have a guy like Alex Rodriguez on their team. Do you know how good he is? Do you realize what a player he is, the things he's accomplished already before the age of 30? And you sit there in judgment of him," Kay said in a disgusted tone. "He's not good enough for you yet. And you blame him for the Red Sox series. Nonsense. I've never heard such pap - mindless pap." During this fire and brimstome sermon, Kay said Yankee fans resent A-Rod because they see him as just another baseball mercenary. "It comes down to money," Kay said. "This guy is great. Stop with the 'true Yankee' nonsense. ... He's phenomenal. Stop judging him against his salary. Judge him against history."] Think of whom Highlander fans have hitched their bandwagon to in the last thirty years, Munson, Reggie, Pinnella, Mattingly, O�Neil and Jeter. With the exception of Mattingly, all of the others won championships with the Highlanders. Mattingly was loved because he led a Highlander resurgence as the fans had to sit back and watch the 80�s Mets take over the town. But those players were no nonsense players who left everything they had on the field and the feeling is A-Fraud doesn�t have that quality. Hey you something, enough about A-Fraud but maybe one thing Swarmy Steve Phillips was right about was A-Fraud being a �24 and 1 guy� I know one player that can�t be said about, that�s Carlos Beltran. �THE PEOPLE�S CHOICE-VICTOR DIAZ�!!!!!!! I knew Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya were just blowing smoke about �Baby Manny� going to Norfolk when Mike Cameron comes back: [He (Diaz) seemed destined to head to Triple-A Norfolk when Cameron rejoins the Mets, but team brass now appears to be rethinking a demotion, figuring it can find enough at-bats for him, whether by easing Cameron back into the lineup or by resting Cliff Floyd on occasion. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Willie Randolph said.] What I don�t like to see is the Mets thinking of trading Eric Valent to open the spot for Diaz. Hell, I�d rather they cut The Zambrano Project than get rid of Valent or even better send Titian Tom Glavine packing instead. Why mess with the one real strength of this team, it�s bench. Valent, Anderson, Woodward, Cairo, Castro and add in Diaz makes for the most potent bench in baseball. Don�t mess with success. (to post a comment, please click on the time of this posting ) < |