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Monday, April 18, 2005

�SHEA STADIUM WHERE THE ELITE LOVE TO MEET� First question to day is, where�ve ya been? Over 150,000 fans showed up at Shea this past weekend. That total would have been a good month a year ago but now it�s seems the Mets are the hot ticket in town. So hot that the Bronx Robber Baron had to find a way to up stage them (more on that latter) Aaron Heilman took a page out of his senior year at the Golden Dome with a most unexpected one-hitter against the Fish. With his � delivery and his ability to change speed on his pitches and his excellent slider, Heilman had the Fish hitter off balance just like they teach you when you�re a kid. Add in the resurgence of Michael Piazza with his 2 for4 two RBI game along with his clutch double on Saturday (we won�t get in to his defense behind the plate with Petey on the mound as I�m trying to stay positive, but you know it�s coming as Ramon Castro will become Petey�s caddy) it made for a fine weekend. But as you know there is always a party pooper around to spoil your fun. Our�s is Titan Tom Glavine. I want hook Glavine up to a lie detector and have him pass the �I would do it all over again� when it comes to if he�s happy to be a Met. I mean com�on Aaron Heilman throws a gem; Petey is Petey as he plays the Ace role to perfection. Hell, Ishii and The Zambrano Project at least show some stones when they pitch even though after their games you feel like you�ve been on a Norwegian cruise am I asking too much for Titan Tom to strap it on a give us his �A� game? Of course we have to obligatory Titan Tom �I didn�t get the calls� quote after the game: "I made 20 pitches inside and not one was a called strike," he said. "I think I'm a little better than that." I know Titan Tom didn�t stink yesterday and he was undermined by the shaky defense of Kaz Matsui but damn it guys are stepping up on this pitching staff and it�s time Titan Tom Glavine joined them. �SENATOR AL STEPPED UP� It kills me to say it but give the devil his due, Senator Al showed onions on Saturday in his duel with Petey. The guy came into hostile territory (the 55,000 fans at the game booed his video tribute which was quite the opposite response that John Franco recived on opening day) and gave a vintage performance. �TIME TO READ BETWEEN THE LINE WITH WILLIE RANDOLPH� Randolph came to Kaz Matsui�s aid with the dreaded vote of confidence: ["After the 5-2 loss, Willie Randolph stuck by his second baseman. "I still don't think there's anything wrong with him," Randolph said. "Everything he does is going to be magnified, of course. ... He's got a long way to go, and I've said that before. I'm not going to evaluate his progress right away. It's going to be a couple of years before he becomes a solid second baseman, but he'll be fine if he keeps working."] Now here is what Willie really said: �And if it�s up to me he�ll be working at it elsewhere. Sit tight folks as soon as Cameron shows he�s healthy, he and Kazuo are outta here. You know Cairo�s my guy (wink!wink!) Fans are getting some flack for booing Matsui but remember we were sold a bill of goods with him. The Mets raved about him and built him up so much that they moved Jose Reyes to second to accommodate him to play short. How stupid does that look now. Mets fans heard about what a great all around player he is and yada, yada, yada. I�ll give Matsui this he can hit and it�s very very early in the season and when the warm weather hits it should help but hard not to look at Cairo and say, �Play him�! �THE ROLE OF ANDY CARD WILL BE PLAYED BY DOUGGIE EYE CHART� lIt seems as though Meinky has become the team spokesman as he has become a quote machine. Here are just a few of his declerations from yesterday: ["We faced what, six Cy Young candidates, in the first 11 or 12 games? To split, six and six, that's not bad," first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz said. "You run into (Roger) Clemens, (Andy) Pettitte, Burnett, (Josh) Beckett, (John) Smoltz, guys like that. ... That's as good as it gets in the big leagues. "Considering we won most of those, I'd say we're doing all right. We're doing better than all right."] In this quote I don�t think Meinky even believes this one: ["To be fair, which isn't easy on a tabloid page, Matsui was starting for the first time since Wednesday. His problem was a scratched cornea, and Randolph had Miguel Cairo fill in for him. Nobody was booing Cairo, or making excuses for him. Like the one Mientkiewicz offered for Matsui. Part of the problem, he said, is wardrobe. The fans "wear a lot of white T-shirts. It's very bright, very hard to pick up the ball. You don't see it sometimes until it reaches the infield dirt and sometimes it's too late. You miss (three games) in a row, your timing's off at the plate and it can be off in the field. One bad game shouldn't define a guy."] When he saw his name in the clean up spot in yesterday�s line up: [MR. CLEANUP: With Mike Piazza getting the day off and Cliff Floyd (rib cage) sidelined, Randolph inserted Doug Mientkiewicz into the cleanup spot, prompting the first baseman to jokingly apologize to Glavine before the game and quip: "We've won six in a row, and I figured they're getting delirious."] �I GUESS ALFOSECA GAVE THE UMP THE FINGERS� �THE BRONX ROBBER BARON NEEDS HIS DEPENDS CHANGED� This lateset line of bullshit coming form the head of the Evil Empire has as much to do with over 150,000 paying customers filing into Shea Stadium as it does with the stench of the Highlanders play of late. Dave Anderson in today�s NY Times lays out for you. Back in the day, someone�s ass would have been canned. Where�s Billy Martin when you need him? ��..AND I HEAR BLACK AND WHITE TV IS MAKING A COMEBACK AS WELL� Two more complete games yesterday-A.J Burnett against the Mets and Jeff Weaver for the Dodgers-brings the total of CG�s to 10 in the first two weeks of this season. Jack McKeon must think it�s 1955 as the Fish have made 5 contributions to the complete game cause. (to post a comment, please click on the time of this posting) < |