The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, April 04, 2005

"NO RANTING A RAVING HERE" I'm not going to bust a blood vessel on this one. The only thing I will say is I hope Wille Randolph learned somethng here, if you have a hot hand, stay with it. Mr. Koo pitched an 8th inning to die for, so why not let him pitch the 9th? There is no law that says the closer has to pitch the 9th inning. Mr. Koo is a lefty and he made a pretty fair lefty hitter named Ken Griffey Jr. look silly. Adam Dunn was the one player who stood in Petey's way and prevented him from pitching not only one of the greatest opening day games in Mets history but in MLB history as well. Dunn hits left handed. Why not leave Mr. Koo who looks as cool as sushi roll out on the mound to pitch to Dunn. This goes back to my rant about by the book and by the gut. There was no need to use three pitchers in this game but Randolph fell into the old book trap. Hey shit happens kids and it happened to our Mets today. If there are two bigger assholes in the media today than Francessa and Russo I've never met them. Russo did the show with his pants around his ankles after the Mets loss. Francessa was his smug self with his "I told you folks the bullpen was atrocious" remark. My one wish for Russo is to come home one night and find the landscaper trimming more than the hedges. For Francessa I hope the Entermanns Cakes delivery men go on strike. It sounds childsih but if I'm the Mets I give FAN a two week stint with no interviews by the palyers or management. How many time have you heard a Higlander player interviewd on that station? Never! Stay with the positives. Petey was unreal. Beltran played like a superstar. Reyes and Matsui were sparks on the top of the line up. Mr. Koo was mesmerizing. Oh by the way Francessa was waiting for Petey to go off on his fellow pitchers for blowing this gem. Sorry Mikey, Petey is too smart for that here is his quote after the game: [``It's not really frustrating,'' Martinez said. ``It's too early to get frustrated. It was one bad inning, and the rest of the game was pretty good. I'm optimistic about it.''] I look at like this I figured the Mets would lose 72 games this year so they have 71 more loses to go. Just think how good it will feel when we watch the Mets doing the home plate mosh pit when Beltran wins a game against the Highlanders or Marlins. < |