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Friday, April 22, 2005

�LIFE IS GREAT WHEN YOU HAVE AN ACE� It still takes a little getting used too. Back in the late 60�s and 70�s Seaver was as close to a sure thing as there was. Then in form 1984 to 1990 Dwight Gooden was so dominating the betting line on some of his starts were RUNS! Instead of odds. Now we have Petey the Magnificent who is not just an ace, he�s the guy the other 24 players take their cue from. I don�t mean to bash John Franco (well, maybe I do) but how embarrassing is it when you look back and see he was not only the Mets team captain but wore the �C� on his uniform and realize he did not have one scintilla of the leadership qualities that Petey has. In a weird way Petey is more like a Keith Hernandez type of leader even though he�s not an everyday player. What an economical game Petey tossed last night. He did not overwhelm the Fish with heat as he learned from last weekends start against them (Meinky said �It�s tough to have back to back starts against the same team, thanks for reading Dougie) that their lineup loves the fastball. So he gave a textbook example of pitching by keeping the Fish hitters off balance with a steady diet of breaking balls and off speed pitches. The other positive was he used just 88 pitches to improve his record to 2-0 (with any luck at all he should be sitting on a 4-0 record) barring a rainout his next start should be Tuesday night at Shea against the Braves. Get your tickets early. �DOES JACK MC KEON KNOW WHO HE�S DEALING WITH� Trader Jack found out what it was like to be a Mets fan last year, as he couldn�t take it anymore, as Senator Al couldn�t find home plate: [By the third inning, Florida Manager Jack McKeon had become so frustrated with Leiter that he threw a thumb over his right shoulder, the universal sign to remove a starter. As striking as McKeon's gesture was his decision to pinch-hit for Leiter with Dontrelle Willis, one of Florida's best pitchers. Willis struck out.] The thumb was the punch in the stomach. Sending D-Train up to hit for Leiter was the kick in the nuts. I wonder what Al and Jeffery Lorria will be talking about on the golf course this week? �I GOT ONE OUT OF TWO LINEUP CHAGES RIGHT� I though Miguel Cairo for Matsui was a sure thing last night and Ramon Castro for Mikey P was a long shot. Sometime the long shot comes in. I can�t remember Mikey getting this many days off so early in the season; I mean he catches as often as Bob Costas is seen on NBC. Randolph and Petey tried to spin that Castro was not Petey�s personal catcher: [He's my fourth hitter, man," Randolph said about Piazza. "You've got to watch how you play that. And it's not good to get into all that anyway, personal-catcher stuff and all that. You don't want to limit yourself. You don't want to do that. Not me."] Well, he�s the clean up hitter due to tenure. OK Willie but let�s see if Mike is �just sore� next Tuesday night in Flushing. �OMAR WILL BE DOING THE DOMINICAN RAIN DANCE ON SATURDAY MORNING� Kaz Ishii has sore lat muscle on his left (pitching) side. So now if he can�t make his start tomorrow the Mets will turn to Manny Aybar (No way they bring up Jae Seo Sux for the start as I would have a better chance of beating Nats than Seo Sux) in an emergency start tomorrow. Now depending on how you look at it it�s suppose to rain tomorrow so the game could get rained out and in turn would allow Ishii to skip a start. If not look for a combo of Aybar/Mr. Koo and a cast of thousands. Better news was that Kris Benson threw off the mound in the bullpen yesterday and felt fine. He will have one more bullpen session and that�s good he�ll have a rehab start in the minors and be back in the rotation by the second week of May. Again credit Randolph with not making a peep about the injuries. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |