The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jae Seo Good Jae Seo didn't suck yesterday in fact going on three day rest no less, Seo went above and beyond the call in the Mets 10-5 win over Le Nationals. Seo had no problem throwing strikes (79 pitches/55 strikes) and he had great command of his breaking ball as he allowed 0 walks in his 6 innings of work. The problem with Seo is he has on occasion shown a piss poor attitude as last season he bitched and moaned about going back to play in Korea or asking to be traded (like he had any value) but maybe a trip to the bushes has given Seo a much needed attitude adjustment. He has noticed a change in the way things are done at Shea: ["The one thing I notice is this team sticks together, and there is chemistry here," Seo said. "We're looking to win." ] Maybe his bad disposition was due to the last regime around here but like we saw with Aaron Heilman, you've got to show me you can do it more than once before I think you've turned the corner. < |