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Thursday, April 07, 2005

�THE EDUCATION OF WILLIE RANDOLPH� Mike Piazza gave Willie Randolph an expensive cigar to enjoy after his fist managerial win; maybe a rulebook would have been gift. Randolph got caught with his double knits down as he tried to make a double switch in the 8th inning with Dougie Eye Chart coming out of the game (as he made the last out) and Mike DeJean hitting in his spot and Chris Woodward came in to play first and hit in the 9 hole. Randolph neglected to inform home plate ump Chuck Merriweather of the double switch before DeJean went to the mound to warm up. True the managers screw up did not affect the game, (DeJean left that up to his right arm) but it was embarrassing. Randolph claims he was told by another umpiring crew in spring that that was the way to do a double switch, maybe Randolph should contact the supervisor of umpires to get the procedure down pat. Also Eye Chart did not know he was out of the game, as Woodward had to let him know. Let�s chalk this one up to growing pains. Today�s game is a day game after a night game (12:30 PM) so Mike Piazza gets the day off. Now if this were July I�d see the point but the third game of the year he needs a rest? Don�t forget Tuesday was an off day. Willie has to learn Sunday�s are back up catcher days. While I�m piling on Randolph I might as well ask, why does Ramon Castro get to bat 7th and Victor Diaz 8th ? The Mets have come to their senses it seems and are ready to assign Mike Cameron to the 15 day DL to rehab his ailing wrist. This way they can add either Seo or Heilman to the roster to pitch on Saturday. No loss there as Diaz and Eric Valent are more than adequate replacements for Cameron. Titan Tom Glavine had a very tough night. But then again he has had a very tough Mets career. Glavine fits in with the Mets as well as Jimmy Dolan does at a Successful Businessmen�s conference, as we see from the story in today�s NY Times Glavine is the square peg in the Mets round hole universe: [There have been times this spring that Glavine looked like a kid who was being held back in school while all of his buddies moved on to the next grade. Al Leiter went to Florida. John Franco went to Houston. Steve Trachsel went to the disabled list. There was not as much talk in the clubhouse about families and golf games, politics and fine wines. Glavine acknowledged that he had to make new friends. His wife, Chris, actually told him he needed to improve his social skills. "My circle got blown to pieces," he joked. When Glavine signed with the Mets in December 2002, one of his many reasons was to be around pitchers of similar age and personality. Glavine and Pedro Mart�nez, the No. 1 and 2 pitchers in the Mets' rotation, appear on the surface to have less in common than a BlackBerry and a mango tree. While Martinez stays late singing meringue in the clubhouse, Glavine will duck out for an early tee time. In recent weeks, they were able to find common ground, reminiscing about playoff performances and comparing notes on opposing hitters.] Still no movement on the Cablevision-Time Warner cable war. Here are a couple of sites you can go to to voice your displeasure in this dispute: Boycott Cablevison New York State Attorney General Elliott Spitzer I want to see Highlander fan ass kisser Filip Bondy take his beloved Bleacher Creatures to task after the way they treated Mariano Rivera, by booing him as he leaving the game with a blown save. There�s a reason that non-Highlander fans don�t take Highanders seriously and just look at them as the bandwagon jumpers they are. How do you boo a guy who is sure fire Hall of Famer, was a major cog in 4 World Championships, and a World Series MVP? It�s the second game of the season you idiots. Do you think maybe the Red Sox have seen Rivera so many times they know what�s coming? I bet Bernie Williams can�t wait to hear the cat calls if he slumps this year. You can�t imagine how many times I�m asked by Highlander fans, �How could you root for the Mets�? I tell them sometimes it �s not easy but it has to do with loyalty something they would know nothing about. Memo to the New York Post: Could you please print the boxscores for all baseball games played the night before. Is that alot to ask? No one gives a rat's ass about the harness racing results from Yonkers or the Meadowlands so why clutter up the baseball page with that crap! Please! Those Subway sandwhich ads with Randolph and St. Joseph of Torre are getting on my last nerve. My God I never thought I'd miss that creepy looking Jared. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |