The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, April 28, 2005

�DEAR TOM GLAVINE, PLEASE RETIRE!� I�ve never liked Tom Glavine. Not when he was a Brave and beat the Mets brains in and now as a Met when he never steps up and wins a big game. Yesterday was another in a long line of Glavine failures against his former team in a game that would have made a big statement in this young statement that the Mets were ready to give the Braves a challenge. But of course Titan Tom could not hold up his end of the deal. Glavine is now 1-7 against the Braves who knew something three years ago when they let him walk rather than give him a three year deal. But Glavine is the poster boy for the Ruins of the Skill Set Period of that time as they wined, dined and kissed ass to a guy no one else was bidding for. Hell his hometown Old Towne Team was never serious about going after him (maybe that�s changed now with Schiling and Wells on the DL maybe Omar could try and move Glavine to Boston) and the only reason he landed in Flushing was for money. Every bad outing Glavine has is accompanying by the obligatory �Ques-Tec influenced the umpire� or �I was not getting the calls in the corner of the plate� excuse after excuse. Someday Glavine will be honest and say, �I flat out suck� but don�t hold your breathe for that. He�s 21-31 as a Met and at this point in his Mets career I have more faith in Aaron Heilman than I do in Titan Tom. I just have to hope he does not make those 137 1/3 innings that will extend his Mets deal for one more year. I also don�t need to hear John Smoltz� condescending bullshit on how the Mets � are a much different team this year� and how �they seem to have a great attitude�. What I want is for Smoltz and Larry Jones and his stepbrother Andruw to have their heads handed to them when the leave Shea and dread the next time they meet up with the Mets. That will tell me there�s a new attitude in town. < |