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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

�RANDOLPH WRONG ON WRIGHT� So far this spring I have been impressed with the way Willie Randolph conducted his and the Mets business. Some things have me a bit chaffed like some of his rules and the way this bullpen compeation has been handled but on the whole there has been a cleansing of the downbeat attitude that has permeated the past couple of camps. That said, this idea of David Wright being slotted in the 8th spot of the line up is just plain ridiculous. The Rey Ordonez�s of the world bat 8th not guys like Wright who proved in his 263 at bats last season that he is the real deal. As we have seen this spring, the offense will be vastly better than it was last year. The first two-thirds of the line up should be etched on a stone tablet: Reyes Matsui Beltran Piazza Floyd WRIGHT The bottom third should be: Meinky Kameron Pitcher Now the problem with the bottom three is that Kameron should bat 8th but the guy is so friggn� fragile emotionally he can�t handle RF and a move to the 8 hole: [The bubbly Mike Cameron was despondent for days when he was dropped there last season, but despite his 30 homers, Cameron fit the profile: .231 average and 143 strikeouts, numbers not unlike longtime resident Rey Ordo�ez, who owned the No. 8 spot from 1996-2002] This guy is more trouble than he�s worth. I�d much rather have Victor Diaz in RF and batting 7th than having Kameron on the team. He�s not this good to have to bend over backwards for. Then we have the complete opposite in Wright, who would cut the grass and cook the hot dogs before the game and bat 8th and be happy to do all three: ["With the lineup we have, it's definitely not a demotion by any means," Wright said. "We have guys up and down this lineup who can hit. As far as the eighth hole, I know anywhere I'm going to hit, I have to earn it. I don't expect anything to be given to me, coming in with half a year in the big leagues under my belt."] This kid is too good to be true. Not only does have poise when giving interviews but his baseball IQ is off the charts. I can just see him keeping a �book on pitchers� a la Keith Hernandez and Rusty Staub. There�s no reason to even mess with this kid and batting him 8th will do just that: [I know there will be certain situations with the pitcher hitting behind me where I have to be more patient. There will be certain times where I want to be more aggressive, maybe go out of the zone and make something happen with the pitcher coming up," Wright said. "I'm glad that I'm getting the opportunity in spring training to hit there so I can see what it's all about."] See, that�s what you have to worry about, Wright getting aggressive with a pitch out of his zone. All this move does is try to ruin a first class talent. Then we have Rick Down the new Mets hitting coach who wins the prize for the Biggest Dumb Ass Quote of the Spring: ["The fact that he's in the lineup, hitting eighth is still better than being on the bench," Down said, "because there's not a lot of bats long enough to be able to cover the zone from there, you know what I mean?] I know coming from the Highlanders a guy like Down is not used to seeing young talent but to say Wright would be on the bench tells me your either not paying attention or your just trying to be a tough guy. No wonder the Bronx Robber Barron used this guy as a human pi�ata. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |