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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

�MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO DESERVES TO BE A METS IN 2005 MOST OF ALL�? With opening day two weeks away, it looks as though the 25 man roster is ready for the Minaya/Randolph stamp of approval. The biggest question it seems is should the team take seven, SEVEN relievers! If the team does take that seventh man in the pen it would be at the expense of The Big Cat. Galarraga has been on a tear of late as he has not only found his power but he has played a stellar first base. This late run however, may be too late to change Randolph�s mind. Randolph and Rick Peterson can spin the acquisition of Kaz Ishii all they want but you know they are a little queasy about Ishii and The Zambrano Project giving out comps like pit bosses in a casino. I had to laugh at this quote from Professor Rick: [Rick Peterson, who stopped by for a meeting with Ishii before today's first bullpen session as a Met, compared the 31-year-old Ishii to Victor Zambrano, who has his own control issues. "The main issue is keeping the run production at a minimum," Peterson said. "You don't get points for touching first base."] Such a simplistic view of things from a most cerebral man don�t you think? Looks as though Peterson learned his lesson from the Kazmir/Zambrano Project buy and sell, to not flaunt his superior coaching prowess. Here is what looks like the 2005 NY Mets: Starting Pitchers Martinez Glavine Benson Zambrano Ishii Petey and Glavine are the anchors here and Benson has very quietly put in a solid spring�s work (12 IP 1 BB 7 K) you just hope the can give you enough innings because I don�t have much confidence in the ass end of this rotation. Relievers Looper DeJean Bell Ginter Koo Hernandez Heredia The Magnificent Seven? Who knows! Looper and DeJean are the givens here. Heath Bell should be a lead pipe cinch as well, if he�s not Willie has some explaining to do. Ginter will be the long man, which could be second only to Looper's role of closer as a position of importance on this team. Mr. Koo has options and could be sent to Norfolk and replaced by LHP Mike Matthews who should make this team on merit and hard work (8 IP 0 BB 5 K) alone but of course when you have a $2mil albatross named Felix Heredia you have to sweat it out (Heredia could open the season on the DL with the circulation trouble in his hand which would be quite helpful) Roberto Hernandez has pitched just 5 innings so far this spring but it seems he is rejuvenated in his reunion tour with Professor Rick. He�s 40 years old but there looks as if there is still some high octane in his tank. Strickland will go to Norfolk just to gain arm strength and get innings in. He�ll be joined by Bartolome Fortunato as he has an option left. Both of these guys could be called up within weeks as you know one or two of The Magnificent Seven will either breakdown or be ineffective. Infield Meinky Matsui Reyes Wright Woodward Cairo Anderson The infield will play most everyday (unless Matsui� back becomes chronic to where he may need some chronic) Cairo and Anderson can play both the infield and outfield and Woodward can play all four infield positions. SOLID!! Outfield Floyd Beltran Cameron Cameron�s readiness is very tricky. He has played in intra-squad games and some minor league games and has hit very well. The hope is by the weekend, he can play RF and be ready for opening day in Cincy. The Mets are worried about cold weather up North in the season opener so they might hold him back until April 11th at opening day at Shea. It spells bad news for Victor Diaz as he will go back to Norfolk just so he plays everyday and wait for Cliff Floyd to go on the DL. Just watching Beltran swing a bat is worth the price of a ticket. A picture of his swing should be hanging in the MOMA. Eric Valent will make the team as the fourth outfielder and first baseman. Cairo and Anderson can play the corner outfield spots if needed. It�s because of this verseatility of the bench that will cost Andres Galarraga a spot on the team. The bench is deeper than Freud Catcher Piazza Castro Rumblings are that the Rockies will release Charles Johnson and he�ll sign with the Mets. Mikey is Mikey. Can he give it one last hurrah and stay healthy enough to put up digits to make Omar�s decision at the end of the season most difficult. If he doesn�t, we will shed tears over Goggles departure. < |