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Monday, March 21, 2005

�KEEP THE MAALOX CLOSE BY� (link story from NY Daily News) Between The Zambrano Project and the new addition to our Mets family, Kaz Ishii, I figure we�ll be hooking down Maalox margaritas most of the summer. The Zambrano Project we know about (Memo to Professor Rick: This is the longest ten minutes I�ve ever endured) but a game pitched by Ishii may have to come with one of those disclaimers you see at amusement park rides: Please refrain from going on this ride if you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure, have back trouble or suffer from claustrophobia. You can add ulcers and acid reflux as well. When asked what Ishii has the most trouble throwing, Dodger pitching coach Jim Colborn said � strikes�. GULP!!!! Colborn also said that Ishii finds ways to win, his games are not exactly Rembrandts: �If he�s (Ishii) in there, you�ve got to believe he�s going to win the game, � Colborn said. �That�s what is unique about him, He does things in a way that are self-destructive, but he still ends up being successful.� One plus with Ishii is he comes with a check for $2.2 mil pinned to his uni as partial payment of his $3.2 mil 2005 salary. Now you can look at this as WOW, we get a starting pitcher and �only� have to pay him $1mil for the season, or you can look at it as the Dodgers wanted to rid themselves of Ishii so badly the don�t mind paying close to 70 % of his salary. Bottoms up folks! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |