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Thursday, March 31, 2005

�IT�S 4 DAYS UNTIL OPENING DAY, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOUR BULLPEN AND EIGHTH PLACE HITTER ARE?� Willie Randolph continues to make his case on why David Wright should bat eighth and when the bullpen will shake it self out. Being that Monday is opening day, you would think the 25 man roster and the everyday line up would be set. Today�s Mets story in the NY Times touches on the fact that Kaz Matsui has not swung a potent bat this spring and maybe he�s be best suited for the eighth spot in the lineup. Matsui has drawn two walks this spring and has struck out thirteen times. Why not let him and Wright switch spots in the lineup to start the season. The reason Randolph gives for placing Wright at the bottom of the order is just very lame: ["David's basically a rookie," Randolph added. "We've all got to earn our chops."] No Willie you�re the rookie. Wright paid his dues with this team last year. In fact he even wore the dress and high heels for his rookie initiation. Again, Willie understand this he is the second most important every day hitter you have. I just hope Randolph does not become stubborn with this move, as it seems that the fans and the media think this is a bad move. The spots in the bullpen look like they will be given out according to contracts and minor league options. Heath Bell should be on the opening day roster but it looks more and more like he will start the season along with Bartolome Fortunato in Norfolk because they have minor league options. Guaranteed Felix is in because of his contract, even though he will make Mets fans pine for the days of Mike Stanton. As it stands now the only pitchers who are locks for bullpen duty are Looper, DeJean and Heredia. I would add Roberto Hernandez to the list and Mr. Koo. That�s five. If the go with six relievers the group of Bell, Fortunato, Matt Ginter, Manny Aybar, Mike Matthews, Jose Santiago and even Aaron Heilman are in the mix. If Randolph goes with six pitchers then it looks like Ginter will get it as he can spot start and pitch in long relief plus he�s earned it. If he goes with seven, by all rights Bell should get it but since he has options but Matthews would be the guy giving the Mets three lefties in the pen. Make up your mind there Willie. Monday is right around the corner. �IF I WERE LOU PINELLA, I�D SMACK SOME SENSE INTO CHUCK LA MAR� This is from today�s NY Daily News: [GO AWAY: Omar Minaya received rude treatment from Devil Rays GM Chuck LaMar when he inquired about the availability of Tampa Bay relievers, including closer Danys Baez, according to an official affiliated with neither club. Minaya, who purportedly offered to deal Cliff Floyd for Baez, was bluntly told the Mets had no players who interested the Rays] How about the balls on LaMar? He fleeced The (Lame) Duke last year for an ace pitcher and now he says there is no one on the Mets we wants? Maybe he�s afraid the Minaya might get a court order to reverse the Kazmir-Zambrano deal? That�s a bizarre way for a GM of a big league (well, semi big league) team to act. How about Danys Baez for Cliff Floyd? A Baez-DeJean combo would make a nice set up to Looper to close and games when Looper was unavailable Baez could close in a pinch. It would also get Victor Diaz in the outfield and add a potent bat. Very interesting I guess that�s why LaMar slammed the door in Omar�s face. Does Anyone have Mackey Sasser's phone number? I'll Have Mine Shaken, Not Stirred (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |