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Monday, March 14, 2005

�IT TOOK AN MRI TO BRING ME BACK TO REALITY� Willie Randolph�s first spring camp as Mets manager had me thinking that maybe this Mets team could go from 71-91 to 91-71 in one season. The camp has a very professional air to it and the when the players are interviewed all they talk about is winning. Randolph has gotten them to think in order to be a winning team everyone has to be on the same page. You have to have the sluggers� slug, the pitchers make pitches and the fielders make all the plays. So far so good, but with this entire new and improved attitude one thing was forgotten. Depth. The Mets will a deep and potent bench I know but the pitching depth will be thinner than the Olsen twins. If Steve Trachsel�s back becomes a chronic problem (and don�t forget The Zambrano Project) who will step in to his spot? Jae Seo? Matt Ginter? Francisco Campos and his Mariachi Band? The totally lost Aaron Heilman? The pickin�s is slim. Chris Woodward looks to have won a spot on the 25 man roster, as has Miguel Cairo but do you think Randolph and Omar Minaya have started to think about Luis Garcia over The Big Cat? Vance Wilson has taken to many foul balls off the side of his head: ["The chemistry here is what we were searching for in New York," Wilson said. "The guys get along, they razz each other, we play the game to have fun. I fit in better over here, I think." "In the three to four years there that we lost, I felt like I was a bright spot," he said.] I�m speechless!!! Is there a baseball law that says the Mets HAVE to bring a lefty reliever with them when they head north? Mr. Koo, Felix Heredia, Scott Stewart, and Mike Mathews have not done anything to make you say they deserve a spot. The only talent they seem to have is throwing a baseball with their left arm. Randolph should just keep it simple and take the six best relievers in camp. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO GAMMONS Players Baseball Should Market: David Wright: Trust me. Scott Rolen II. Rookies To Watch: Phil Humber, RHP, Mets: He has delighted everyone -- 94 mph, good breaking ball and change, and he's shown Rick Peterson a filthy split, which has Peterson thinking Tim Hudson. The Trade Rumor That Won�t Go Away: Ugueth Urbina was 87-91 in his second outing for the Tigers this week. The Cubs continue to deny interest. The Mets are interested, as the bullpen and a righthanded-hitting outfielder (they have interest in Alex Escobar) for depth are two issues. It's been a good spring for the Mets in that several issues have been positive: Clifford Floyd is in extraordinary shape, Mike Cameron wants to (and likely will) remain in New York and Kaz Matsui has played second well. When Matsui decided to come to the U.S., most teams wanted him as a second baseman, but he wanted to try short and it was the only way the Mets could get him. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |