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Saturday, March 26, 2005

"IS THIS THE FIRST SLIP UP OF THE SPRING FOR MINAYA/RANDOPLH"? Petey took last night off due to stiffness in his back. Now he made it out to be no big deal but maybe it is a big deal as the dreaded "unnamed teammate" let's us know: [Though a teammate said Martinez "couldn't even stand up straight" at one point, GM Omar Minaya said the X-ray showed nothing alarming and announced no further tests would be necessary.] So one guys says Petey's hunched over and Mimaya says everything's fine, nothing to see here, keep moving. Petey was in the same mind set as Minaya as he wanted to keep his comments to himself but as we see here somebody of importance told him to speak up: [Martinez then refused to comment through team spokesman Jay Horwitz. He later relented after behind-the-scenes arm-twisting from an influential team official. Asked if he would make his next and final Grapefruit League start, Martinez said: "Without a doubt. It's just a matter of one or two more days I'll feel better. I got treatment yesterday, today again, and I'm pretty much feeling a lot better. Right now we just don't want to take any chances of making it worse or having to be in jeopardy for Opening Day. "Opening Day, without a doubt if I play it careful right now, it's going to be there."] The Vegas Line shows it 4-5 that Jeffy made him squeal. What's more trouble or worrisome really is Petey has been denied two starts due to rain and his third postponment is due to back trouble. He has pitched just 11 innings so far this spring and they have been 11 terrifc ones as well, will he be ready for April 4th in Cincinatti? is next spring start (Monday or Tuesday?) might let us know. Now there was a bit of a (Lame)Duke/Artie from Queens moment in St. Lonsome yesterday between Omar and Randolph over info to the media over injuries: [Earlier in the day, the Mets were in near-crisis mode over a situation that seemingly could have been easily defused. Minaya held an afternoon Q&A with reporters and discussed reliever Mike DeJean's calf injury. He then suggested going into Randolph's office to get other injury updates. "What do you mean updates?" Randolph said. Pressed, the manager said matter-of-factly: "Pedro is going to miss a start, you know about that, right? Oh, you don't know about that?"] Omar seemed to have left Willie out to dry but Randolph kept his cool and dealt with it. I won't make a big deal about it as it's coming down to the home strech of spring training and I can bet that everyone down in St. Lonesome can't wait to get back to cviliaztion fast enough. If I'm David Wright I'd make friends with Kris Benson just to see what Anna could whip up in the kitchen. I'm sure it would be a Happy Meal: [BENSON HEDGES: Anna Benson created another stir during an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday morning. She amended a remark she made during a previous appearance, that she would sleep with the entire team if her husband Kris ever cheated on her, and now says she would seek retribution with "just the hot ones." Anna - who said the initial remarks weren't meant to be taken literally - said she continues to shop a reality show. Stern suggested Kris join her on the show next time and that she tone down her act and stay in the shadow of her husband's career. "I'm not taking a back seat," Anna said. "I might get in a back seat." Said Kris: "Good stuff. I think Stern likes her. He was a lot easier on her this time than the last time."] Go ahead Kris you drive, I'll sit back here with Anna!!!!!!! Looks like Mike DeJean has a strain of the calf muscle and it could just be a few days before he's back in the bullpen pitching. Did you ever think you'd be happy to know that Mike DeJean would not have to go on the DL and would be a major part og your bullpen on opening day? Finally to one and all who celebrate, have a happy and a healty Easter Sunday (to leave a coment please click on the time of this posting) < |