The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"I'M WITH MIKE START THE SEASON ALREADY"? from Mike over at The Metropolitains: [The Mets are tied with the Blue Jays for the best winning % out of every Major League team this spring. The only other NL East team over .500 is the Atlanta Braves at 13-12. I love Spring Training, but I'm done with it. The lack of televised games and games on the radio is driving me nuts. You have to hear from your friend who has a cousin Vito who lives in Miami and is in the witness protection program who has a bookie in Tampa who has a illegitimate son in St. Lucie that is the Spring Training ball boy that relays what happens.] The coverage from Mets camp by the radio and TV outlets in this town iis a fuckin embarassment. As much as I do not want to see a football stadium on the West Side of Manhattan, a part of me is ready to do a jig that Jimmy Dolan is about to get the broom stuck in his ass by the MTA. He has ruined the Knicks and Rangers. He has turned Madsion Square Garden into a thrid rate bingo parlor and his MSG and FSNY TV networks run more infomercials than spots programing. With Direct TV I can get just about every MLB teams spring training reports every night. When you watch Sportsdesk on MSG the Mets are just a rumor. Sure I know the Mets are bolting the network after this season but you would think even a schmuck like Dolan would realized that the Mets will be pretty good this year and that means advertising dollars. But that would be giving him more credit than he deserves. There should have been a Mets Spring Training Report on MSG every night. I think you could bump the 1. 467th showing of Rangers-Devils Game 7 of 1994. Over on the radio, I can't figure out why Freddy Skill Sets has not moved the teams games up the dial to ESPN1050. As bad as the talk shows are on the station I'm sure they would cover the Mets in a better way than WFAN. The two "Jack-Offs" as Memphis coach John Callapari callled Francessa and Russo on Tuesday do nothing to promote the Mets. I don't expect them to whril the pom-poms for the team but they could treat the team and the fans with more respect. As much I as enjoy Steve Sommers why didn't the station have Eddie Coleman on in the evenings with a show from spring trainning? Eddie could still sip his cocktails while doing a call in show, in fact the show would be great with Eddie (Grey Goose) Coleman downing a highball or two or three. As aggressive as the Mets were in going after players this of season I wish they would put those same efforts in to promotion of this team. < |