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Friday, March 25, 2005

�HOPEFULLY OMAR WILL KEEP A LEVEL HEAD� Is the calf injury to Mike DeJean, that looks like will land him on the 15 day DL, a major blow to the already Olsen Twins thin Mets bullpen? Absolutely! Am I a bit worried that Omar may make a panic move and go after Urgeth Urbina and give up a prospect of importance? Absou-fuckin�-loutly!!! He�s already made one knee jerk move in going after Kaz (Walk On By) Ishii and now he may be on the verge of another. The Tigers signed ex-Angels closer Troy Percival over the winter to be their closer. Last year Urbina did the job for them saving 21 games in 54 appearances. It seems though Tigers were not impressed as they went out and signed Percival. Now Urbina is very much perturbed as he has been taken down a notch to set up man. So much so he wants to be traded: ["I can still close games, and that's what I want. I hope they trade me," he said in the visitors' clubhouse at Tradition Field. "I would rather go somewhere."] Last year you could make the argument that Braden Looper was the best player not named David Wright on the Mets. He had 29 saves and appeared in 71 games. Looper showed fine command of his breaking pitches and also impeccable control walking just 16 batters in 83.1 innings pitched. Of all the question marks on the �05 Mets team closer is not one of them, so why even go after Urbina: ["Asked if he'd be all right with setting up on another club, Urbina replied, "It depends on who's closing on that team." Asked about the Mets and Looper specifically, Urbina said, "We'll see if they trade me here."] We have seen the duo of Urbina and Looper once before just two years ago as Urbina took the closers job from Looper. Looper handled the �demotion� professionally and matched with Urbina, helped the Fish win a second World Series title. Looper was so impressive in his appearances in that Series that when he became a free agent that off season The (Lame) Duke went hard and fast after him and eventually signed him as Mets closer. So why go through this again with Looper/Urbina? Closer is not the problem in the bullpen and even with DeJean going down set up man is should not be a problem either as the trio of Heath Bell, Roberto Hernandez, and Scott Strickland are more than capable of hold the spot down until DeJean recovers. The biggest problem with the pen that I see, is keeping a talent less pitcher like Felix Heredia over a guy who has shown results this spring like Mike Matthews over money. In order for Scott Strickland to go to Norfolk, he would have to ok it or be released as a free agent. Strickland would last about an hour on the free agent market so it would be a bad move not to bring him north. He looks to be the classic �as good as new after two years off Tommy John surgery�. Bell has picked up right where he left off last season, as he has been one of the best pitchers in Mets camp. That there is even a question of him making this team is ludicrous. Roberto Hernadez back with Rick Peterson has pitched good enough to make the team. Mathews has been the find of the spring and should also make the cut. So with DeJean going DL here�s a look at what the pen would look like on opening day: Ginter Koo/Heredia Matthews Bell Hernandez Strickland Looper The reason I put Koo with Heredia is Koo can be sent down to Norfolk while Heredia is making about $2mil for the last year of his contract. With all the talk about the �New� Mets if Heredia breaks camp with this team it will show the �old� Mets philosophy is not entirely eradicate for m the organization. �SENATOR ZAMBRANO� The Zambrano project put on a Letier-esque performance yesterday against the Tigers. In 4 innings and 89 pitches (89 PITCHES!!!!!!!!!) of work, Zambrano walked 4 but K�d 6 batters and the most important part of the performance he gave up only 1 run. It seems Zambrano and Ishii have formed an alliance as Zambrano had a bit if swagger in him after the game: ["I may walk 100 guys in the season and still be there to win the game," said Zambrano, echoing recent comments by the walk-prone Ishii.] �CAMERON CRAZIES� Mike Cameron made his spring debut against mostly major leaguers yesterday and as he tries to both get his wrist strong and his bearing in right field he had a bit of mishap with a ball in the sun. When he misplayed the ball he waited for a reaction: ["I was waiting to get my boos, but I guess they're going to give me a little time to get comfortable over there first," Cameron said.] Just a little time there Mike, Don�t make a habit of it. < |