The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, March 12, 2005

"HEY AT LEAST YOU HAVE YOUR HEALTH" Victor Zambrano got lit up like a Times Square billboard last night but it looks like there is no panic as far as Willie Randolph is concerned: ["The thing about him, he hasn't pitched a lot lately going back to last year," Randolph said. "He'll find his groove. He's going to be fine."] I'm with Randolph here. This early in spring you can't live and die with each start. Zambrano was throwing hard, his problem was his command of his bread and butter pitch, the sinking fastball. That pitch will make or break Zambrano this year as if he can get that ball it break over the plate at the hitters knees, he will be very successful this season. On Wednesday I was watching the White Sox-Padres game and White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper said that the Commisoner's office has told all the teams that they have made it clear to the umpires this season to call the low strike at the knees. By falling behind so much in the count on batters, Zambrano began to overthrow and that just set him up for failure. The walk to Dodgers pitcher Jeff Weaver, who was looking to bunt the runners on 1st and 2nd over, just showed that a lot of Zambrano's trouble is between his ears. How could it not. Every time the guy sees his name in the paper it's followed by ...who was traded for top prospect Scott Kazmir.... You could see it when Randolph lifted him for Blake McGinnley (who is probably headed to minor league camp as you read this) he had his head down and his shoulders were slumped. The first guy to greet him was Andres Galarraga who looks to playing the part of Dr. Phill to the young Mets. Heath Bell had another strong outing but he was sabotaged by shotty infield defense. Jeff Keppenginer should be on that bus with McGinnley today. A couple of more hits for Jason Phillips last night and a good night behind the plate as he takes the lead in the backup catchers spot. Mike Cameron looks to be ahead of schedule and should get into some games starting next week. If Cameron is ready, set, go for opening day, what becomes of Victor Diaz? I have to figure Eric Valent is on the 25 man so it comes down to Kerry Robinson or Diaz for the 5th outfielder spot. This is from Lee Sinnis, Around The Majors: The Mets released Ps Joey Hamilton and Lance Davis. Hamilton was signed to a minor league contract earlier in the week, but was released after he was arrested yesterday on DWI charges. Davis was released for missing curfew. What a marooon! The GM has actived the "Take No Bullshit" device. < |