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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"THE FRANCHISE COMETH" Tom Seaver has hit St. Lonesome as a TV color man/pitching meshiah but he will not drink the Minaya Kool Aid: [Asked what he thinks "reasonable expectations" are, Seaver said, "We'll find that out, won't we? I think they made a mistake about that a couple of years ago. Fred [Wilpon] came out and said, 'We're going to play meaningful games.' You're playing the p.r. game that way. You just set yourself up for a fall. I don't think you can do that. "They're definitely improved. Let's see. I think they shot themselves in the foot doing that once already."] Say what you want about Seaver but he does speak his mind: Seaver knows expanding the budget doesn't always lead to success on the field. Recent Mets teams have been prime examples. "Does it work chemistry-wise?" he asked. "Certainly part of the impetus of this is to sell tickets and to sell the possibility of helping the TV [ratings]. But is it all going to work? We'll find out." [Seaver also said we'll find out about rookie manager Willie Randolph. While calling Randolph "a pro's pro" and "a smart man," the Hall of Famer stopped short of saying he will be a successful manager. "I don't know him well," Seaver said. "I don't have any idea whether to say he's going to be able to do well or not well. That's another thing that I will find out. Other people who know him better would have a better idea of how to judge him. He's a good man, I know that."] Seaver straddles the line between being a straight shooter and being a curmudgen. Many people who come in contact with Seaver will tell you he's not the nicest man your ever going to meet. All that a side, his opinion may be what all Mets fans need to hear (As the famous line from the movie A Few Good Men, You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.) Maybe we are geting a bit to giddy about the expectations of the 2005 team. We don't know how Randolph will handle the grind of 162 games. We don't know what kind of savy trades Omar will make to keep the team in the hunt. We will find out soon as it looks like Trachsel will be out for the year with his back trouble, and the in house replacements look weak so now we will see Omar and Randolph shows us something. One thing I hate is the way Seaver has this air of importance about himself as he describes his soon to be session with rookie Philip Humber: He said team brass already has asked him to take a look at No. 1 pick Philip Humber, the hard-throwing righthander from Rice who was impressive during his short stay at the major-league camp. "They've talked to me about this kid and somewhere when I'm down here I'll see him throw," he said. "They said, 'The kid's got a lot of talent and we want you to look at him.'" Do you think you can fit it in your busy shedule Mr. Franchise? The kid is only the future of this organization as he could be the next Tom Seaver. I hate when Seaver acts like a pretentious prick. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |