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Thursday, March 17, 2005

�ANYONE HAVE CRAIG SWAN�S PHONE NUMBER?� With Steve Trachsel set to go under the knife on Saturday (and most likely done for the season) Omar and Randolph are on the look out for a starting pitcher, which is the equivalent to looking for street parking in Midtown Manhattan. The situation was exacerbated by another ineffective outing by The Zambrano Project in yesterdays 4-3 Mets win. Although, The Zambrano Project did lower his spring ERA from 12.60 ERA to 10.00 so even though he stunk in relief of Petey (who was stellar in his performance) he gave up a homer to Carlos Delgado and word is Slimey Sloan wet his pants when Delgado went yard. This outing was better than his last assignment when his command was awful. In 9 spring innings The Zambrano Project has allowed 24 base runners. All this still has Willie Randolph looking at the bright side of life with Victor Z: ["Victor hasn't pitched a lot in the last six months ... and the more he throws, the better he'll get," Randolph said. "As long as the stuff is there and the velocity is there, I feel good with that."] Well, at least one of us has a good feeling. �WILL DAVID WRIGHT LEAVE A VOTIVE CANDEL BY SUPER JOE MC WILPON�S LOCKER?� Omar finally came to his sense and gave Joe Mc Wilpon his walking papers. (Ice Williams your next!) Yes I know Super Joe is a great guy just the salt of the earth but so is my Uncle Johnny but he can�t hit for shit either. My only concern is if David Wright goes into a slump will he blame it on not having McWilpon around? Danny Garcia also was given a lay off notice as well hurting his chances to be the McWilpon of the new millennium. I would like to wish one and all a very Happy St. Patrick�s Day. It is St. �PATRICK� not St. �PADDY�S� Day as the term �Paddy� is a derogatory term used to describe the Irish people similar to calling an Asian person �Oriental� In the op-ed section of today�s NY Times, Thomas Fleming has a must read piece on how Election Day not St. Patrick�s day is an important Irish holiday. My father always told me, when most immigrants come to America they ask �Where can I find work�? but the Irish ask, �Where do I go to register to vote�? The only sad thing about today is that Maggie Thatcher and Iain Paisley are still upright and not burning in hell. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |