The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And you may ask yourself What is that beautiful house? And you may ask yourself Where does that highway go? And you may ask yourself Am I right? I wrong? And you may tell yourself My god!...what have I done? Mike Cameron has told his Agent Mike Nicoterra to tell (plead with?) Omar to NOT trade him. [He's now told them, 'If you're trying because of me, you don't have to try anymore,'" Nicotera said last night. "We informed them that he wants to stay. He's had enough time to digest the change and get a feel about the team. He wants to stay in New York] Cameron, I guess has looked around camp and said "Damn, this team looks good" and considering the two team that the Mets have talked with, the Tigers and Orioles won't contend for a championship for decades to come, it's beter to play right field on a team on the come than play centerfield for a team that will also rans. < |