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Thursday, March 10, 2005

�2005 METS COMING INTO FOCUS� With a little more than three weeks until opening day, and with not much news from camp due to rainouts, let�s take a look at who�s in and who�s got work to do to make the trip North to Queens: STARTING PITCHERS Pedro Martinez RHP Tom Glavine LHP Kris Benson RHP Victor Zambrano RHP Steve Trachsel RHP This group has been in place for some time. All they need is innings to get ready for the season. RELIEVERS Braden Looper RHP Mike DeJean RHP Heath Bell RHP Dae-Sung Koo LHP Roberto Hernandez RHP Willie Randolph will take six relievers up North so I see one spot open. From all you hear and read Scott Strickland looks as though he will start the season in Norfolk to get in some innings. Bartolome Fortunato throws hard and has an edge to him but he needs to get command of that fastball and throw it for strikes. There are three lefties in contention in Felix Heredia, Mike Matthews, and Scott Stewart. Mathews is more a LOOGY than I guy that can pitch an inning or two. Scott Stewart is the guy to keep your eye on if he regains his stride as he pitched for the Expos from 2001-2003: K/9in 2001 7.36 2002 9.42 2003 6.07 2004 9.00 (with Cleveland and LA) K/BB 2001 3.00 2002 3.05 2003 2.23 2004 2.17 With the weather being so bad in Florida, Stewart is losing valuable time pitching in game situations. It will be interesting to see if Randolph and Peterson think enough of him to give him the innings he needs to make his case to make this team. The only way Felix Heredia should be at Shea this year is if he buys a ticket to the game. INFIELDERS 1B Doug Mientkiewicz 2B Kazuo Matsui 3B David Wright SS Jose Reyes Andres Galarraga and Miguel Cairo will be backups. That leaves one more reserve spot and two candidates, Chris Woodward and Marlon Anderson. What Anderson has over Woodward is his ability to fill in in the outfield but Woodward may have to more potent bat so keep an eye on this match up that should go down to the wire. What do we make of the Brain Daubach signing? Omar never rests. It looks likes Joe McWilpon Mets career is drawing to a close. I can�t wait for his Metsography next year on Wilpon TV. Jeff Keppinger will be a favorite in Norfolk. OUTFIELDERS LF Cliff Floyd CF Carlos Beltran RF Mike Cameron Now that he is a born again Met and ready to begin playing in spring training games, this could spell a demotion for Victor Diaz. It seems the Mets thinking is it�s better for Diaz to play everyday than to sit on the pine and get sporadic playing time. As much as I�m a fan of Victor The Hit Man, I concur with this line of thinking. It will keep Diaz sharp and it will give him much needed time to learn the ins and outs of playing the outfield. Eric Valent should be a lock to make the team just on his play from last year, as he was one of the very bright spots of the 2004 team. Again the name Brian Daubach raises some eyebrows as he could compete with Kerry Robinson for the 5th outfield spot. Daubach has a lot of catching up to do as Robinson has been very impressive with the stick an on the base paths. If Ice Williams makes this team I will gouge my eyes out. CATCHERS C Mike Piazza C Jason Phillips/Ramon Castro If the role of Piazza�s back up was left to Tom Glavine there�s no denying whom he would take (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |