The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, March 07, 2004

"WHERE HAVE YOU GONE ROD GASPAR.............." It didn't take long for Mets Hater Joel Sherman to take his head out of A-Rod's ass to rehash his Soriano to the Mets diatribe. For this we can thank two former highlander and current two-headed RF'ers Karim Garica and Shane Spencer. As we all know by now, Garcia could not hold his water late Thursday night and figured it was too much of an inconvenience to go back into the bar he just left, to urinate. So in a move that shows how much he disrespect his wife and Spencer and his wife, he decides to take a leak outside in the street while walking to his car with them. Very classy. This just shows how desperate the Mets are in the OF that both of these jabronies were not sent packing. It also gives the meat heads in the media more fodder for their trade Kazmir for Soriano pap. The most bizarre aspect of the whole story though is the 18 year old delivery boy, who is told by his boss to keep quiet about the incident or he'll lose his job. Gee, if they can this kid does he get to cash out his 401K? Maybe the kid should find Gene Orza and see if he can organize a Pizza Delivers Association? < |