The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, March 18, 2004

"THE USED CAR SALESMAN IS AT IT AGAIN" Alan H. Selig has gone into his Clueless Bud persona by stating he may invoke "The Best Interest of Baseball" powers to make random drug testing for steroids and human growth hormone mandatory. The thing the Clueless one forgets(and what most fans are neglecting as well) is the current testing procedures that are in place now were COLLECTIVELY BARGAINED in the last CBA agreement. If you are not part of a union your proably saying "Who gives a rat's ass, test 'em" Well you can't do that. This form of testing was reached by a compromised, unless the owners have something they'd like to give up, then the union would listen. If they don't, well then the Clueless One is S.O.L. It seems from reports this morning the Clueless One is driving his right hand man Rob Manfred nuts with this grandstand play. Manfred is trying to tell Selig if this goes to court the owners losing streak in the halls of justice will continue. Now that's not to say the union is sitting pretty here. No matter how Fehr/Orza try to put on a happy face (if you can picture Fehr with a happy face) here about how the rank and file are in lock step with the union leadership, the quotes from players seem to differ form that position. Especially damning is a story written by Buster Olney in the March 29th issue of ESPN The Magazine where he tells of a current player who claims the majority of players are for more stringent testing. The whole problem here is what has plagued MLB for over a century. The Players do not trust the owners and the owners have no clue on how to build a partnership with labor. While everyone agrees steroids and HGH have no place in the game, neither side can figure out a way to meet a compromise to rid the game of this problem. < |