The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, March 08, 2004

�URINE-GATE JUST WON�T GO AWAY� Here�s the mistake the Mets made after this ridiculous incident. When VP of Security Rob Kasdon, went to visit pizza boy, Eric Vidal, he should have brought Freddy Skill Sets checkbook and left a little �aboost� for the kid. Someone got to this kid (most likely his old man) and told him he should be cashing in on Karim Garcia�s golden showers. All Kasdon had to do was write a check for a couple of grand and this incident would have been closed. Now Vidal is hiring lawyers and is worried that his name has been trashed from St. Lonesome to NYC. This kid must have taken some shot to his head to have such delusional thoughts. My advise to Vidal is take the check from the Mets and never eat yellow snow. �NO QUEST-TECH AT DODGERTOWN� Look, I hope Titan Tommy Glavine wins 20 games this year because as Titan Tommy goes so will go the Mets, so let�s hope he is over all his �issues� that he suffered last season. It seems with the added defense up the middle, Glavine can relax and get back to his way of pitching, by using his pin point command and getting those ground balls that have made him a border line Hall of Famer. He seems more relaxed and is more than glad to not be the center of attention this spring. Aaron Heilman gave up back to back HR�s yesterday but he also had 0 walks and 4 K�s in 2 innings. I�m not going to get to concerned about the homers, I�d rather think that the BB/K numbers mean more. Dan Wheeler has done nothing so far this spring to lose his bullpen job, and Rickey Bottalico has been a pleasant surprise. �MY BIG FAT OBNOXIUOUS TALK SHOW HOST AND GILBERT GOTTFIRED II ARE IN PT. ST. LONESOME� First thing, Russo claims he will call Tradition Field, Thomas White Stadium because he likes calling that. So I�ll call Russo, A-Hole because I like calling HIM that. Their first guest was The Duke and of course he�s optimistic about the team. He was very happy how the kids from the farm system have looked and it�s given the Mets brass a reason to be optimistic. So of course Francessa has to throw cold water on the enthusiasm and the Lap Dog just goes along with what Mike says. Then the great pontificator Francessa says the Mets and Mets fans should not expect more than 80-85 wins this season. Gee Mikey, that would be a 14-19 game improvement over last year. What�s wrong with that? I would say most Mets fans would be happy with that. I don�t think any of us think the Mets are going to win the pennant this year. Both these schmucks embarrass themselves by their blind hatred toward the Mets. < |