The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

"PIZZA BOY IS S.O.L" Eric Vidal the pizza boy who alleged he got his head handed to him by the tag team duo Karim Garcia/Shane Spenser looks to be"shit outta luck" in his attempt to cash in on Urine-Gate incident. St. Lonesome Police have decided to not press charges against the platooning RF'ers. It seem Vidal had more holes in his story than Janet Jackson's fish nets. He claims that Spenser hocked a loogy at him from the back of Garcia's Hummer but he then says he was on the sidewalk when it happened. Police investigators determined that the loogy would have to travel about 20 ft if that had happen. I believe someone for Ripley's Believe IT or Not wants to interview the loogy for it's next record book. < |