The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

"LOOPY FOR LOOPER" Pete Abraham of the Westchester Journal News has a story on Braden Looper and his initiation into the Mets: There are certain ways a ballplayer can tell he has been accepted on his new team. Mets closer Braden Looper knew he was one the guys when Grant Roberts grabbed his cell phone and used the digital camera feature to take a photo of Scott Strickland's backside. Looper returned to find Roberts and Strickland giggling and a nice photo of his wife and kids temporarily replaced. Sophisticated comedy it wasn't. But Looper laughed anyway. "It's been pretty easy for me and that says a lot about the guys on this team," Looper said. "Everybody has been great." Yup that's why I'm a proud Mets fan. Also check out the part of the story about the World Championship ring the Fish will be doling out. The rings cost about $20,000 a piece. Remember that next time The Art Dealer and his whinny little step kid moan and groan about having no cash to sign players. < |