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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

�JOEL SHERMAN: MY LIFE AS A HIGHLANDER GROUPIE� Sherman is suffering form an extreme case of EHCD (Excessive Highlander Compulsive Disorder) The man is totally obsessed with everything Highlander. I mean this guy when he orders breakfast says � I want my eggs over easy, like a Mussina fastball, toast just right like A-Rod, and some pancakes stacked like Jeter�. He can�t help himself he needs to check into the Zimmer-Witson Institute for some much needed rehab. Here is the first two paragraphs of Sherman's column: "The Yankees are the most exclu sive club in New York. Every VIP - Very Impressive Player - wants to get beyond George Steinbrenner's velvet rope and experience the scene. Hey, isn't that Derek Jeter there talking with Alex Rodriguez? Which makes Al Leiter kind of unique. Al Leiter actually wants to be a Met. He does not ache to be with all the moneyed guys, with all the beautiful people, within an atmosphere in which you are as likely to bump into paparazzi as sports writers. Why would you not want to go where the wins flow like Cristal? "Because I'm a Met," Leiter said. Being a Met in 2004 means playing for a team resistant to doing what is necessary to upgrade its lineup and image by getting Alfonso Soriano. Meanwhile, being a Yankee in 2004 means we already are up to speculating on July deadline trades." Can you believe that was printed in a major metropolitan newspaper by their top baseball writer? Mind-boggling! Sherman is shocked that there is a player in the Major Leagues who is actually happy to play on a team other than the Highlanders. Then of course he has to put in the obligatory �bring Sori home� line that has become a Sherman trademark. What has happened to this guy? I use the enjoy reading his stuff. He was always well informed and had great insights on baseball and especially NY baseball. This �Highlanders are great, Mets suck� is so juvenile that it borders on embarassing. Please Joel, seek some help. �WEATHER FORECAST FROM PT. ST. LONESOME: CONTINUED GOLDEN SHOWERS� Urine-Gate won�t go away. It should have been a closed case by as I wrote yesterday, the Mets-Freddy Skill Sets-did not write out the check to make it go away. If the Mets had given young Eric Vidal a grand or two and a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon for his pappy, this case would have been closed. But since it is still simmering, we have dead horse beater- Bill Madden-checking in with the Mets should release Garcia/Spencer column. It�s funny when both guys were cashing Georgie Porgies checks we never heard what incorrigibles these two were. But now the Freddy Skill Sets signs the checks, we hear that Spencer has a rep as a carouser and party boy and that Garcia has anger management problems to go along with his bladder difficulties. The only thing that will get the Pee-Pee brothers bounced out off the Mets is lack of production. < |