The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, March 19, 2004

"IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER JON HEYMAN COLUMN ON WHY THE METS SUCK" I have to think that either the Mets made Heyman pay for a meal or they did not give him a good parking spot because the crap he comes up with about the Mets makes no sense at all. In today's slop fest we get a couple of Heyman's pearls of wisdom. The first is about the work ethic in camp: "One scout described a "country-club atmosphere," where Mets players aren't worked very hard. Could this be an aggravating factor?" This quote, that quite frankly I feel Heyman made up, contradicts most of the stories we've heard about camp. From Matsui and Reyes coming into camp about a week to 10 days early to Senator Al coming in a svelte 210 lbs to Mike Piazza's attitude adjustment as far as 1st base goes against this theory. Add to the fact that the pitchers have hung on ever word of instruction that Professor Rick utters, it seems Heyman is talking out of a lower orifice. Then Heyman tells us the The Duke is has rendered him persona non grata: "Duquette did not return a phone call. Perhaps he's tiring of talking about their rough spring." No Jon, my guess would be he's fed up with you. Then there is this nugget that had me doing a double take: "The Mets need one more proven hitter, maybe two. They are thin in the rotation. Three different scouts guessed three different pitchers for the fifth spot; it's Aaron Heilman or Grant Roberts or Scott Erickson." I think Heyman got this one mixed up with a story on the Highlanders, for they are the team without front line pitching depth. How can a team that has 4 players ( he left out Tyler Yates) vying for 1 spot be thin in pitching depth? Add to that any one of the 4 pitchers would do a decent job. Someone will have to explain that to me. Then there is this on Braden Looper: "One scout said lefthanded setup men Mike Stranton and Pedro Feliciano look like trouble. The closer, Braden Looper, sports a 9.00 ERA this spring. Worse, he got rattled when his old manager Jack McKeon said Armando Benitez is more intimidating. A guy who's genuinely intimidating doesn't have to boast about it." I'll give you Feliciano but Stanton has pitched well this spring. Looper answered a question by the press yentas to a quote by Poppa Jack. Then that was it. Looper has been trying different things under the guidance of Professor Rick as that is what spring training is for (except in the World of the Highlanders and land that Heyman loves) Then there is this on Wizz Kid Karim Garcia: "The Mets had to know Garcia was a hothead from his famous Fenway Park bullpen fight. But at least as a Yankee he was protecting teammates, not his right to relieve himself publicly." Well from what The Duke has said, he spoke at length to Pee Wee Cashman about Garcia and Pee Wee gave a rave review. How was The Duke to know that not only was Garcia a good lefty for a RF platoon by also a decent reliever as well. Funny how when he wore pinstripes Heyman never wrote about his temper. < |