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Monday, March 01, 2004

IF IT AIN�T BROKE, STICH IT Kaz Matsui became the first casualty of the spring when he was hit in the middle finger of his right hand with a ground ball. The grounder split his nail and required a couple of stitches to close. X-Rays of the finger were negative (WHEW!) and it seems Kaz will be sidelined about a week. That means the Wilpon Ward Joe McEwing will fill in at short. (Memo to self: remember to write a post on how the Mets desperately need a back up infielder that can actually play) Here is a sign on how Artie from Queens feels about Super Joe: �Joey is capable of backing up the middle� Art Howe said. �He showed that last year. As the spring goes along, I know our people will be keeping an eye on other players and if something comes along that�s going to give us some security if we need it, we�ll do it� Translation: If this isn�t a wake up call to The Duke that we need a backup shortstop, I don�t know what else to say. You saw what happened last year when �Joey� became a regular! Forget about Sorriano, we need SCUTARO!!!!!!!!! SPEAKING OF SORIANO TO THE METS���.. To Whom It May Concern: I�m Dead! Yours truly, The Horse Can we stop with the (Prospect of your choice) for Alfonso Soriano trade talk. Its amazing, Jon Heyman of NEWSDAY must bored shitless because he won�t stop with this. Now he has the Dodgers in the mix offering young pitchers Edwin Jackson and Greg Miller as trade bait. Both Jackson-who was the reason the Dodgers let Kevin Brown go to the Highlanders-and Miller are blue chip pitching prospects. As much as the Dodgers need hitting there is now way Paul DePodesta makes that deal. �ADDRESS THE BALL�HEEELLLO BALL�.� Lee Jenkins has a how to play centerfield story by Mike Cameron in today�s NY Times. Remember, The Say Hey Kid, said that Shea Stadium CF was the toughest ever for him to play. PITCHING UNDER THE RADAR Newsday has a story on RHP�s Tyler Yates and Jeremy Griffiths, who are quitely going about their business and impressing the Mets brass. Both pitchers are 26 years old so they are on the cusp of going from prospects to suspects. Yates has been hampered by injury but his arm is live enough that there was talk of him being the closer before the Looper signing. I have been a fan of Griffiths since I watched him pitch a spring training game last year. With his imposing size (6�6� 235 lbs) Griffiths has the look of a ML pitcher. Even though he gives the appearance of a power pitcher, Griffths is more of a finesse guy who has had control problems but has great movement on his pitches. Both pitchers need to add a little more zip on their fastballs to make Artie and Professor Rick final decisions on the pitching staff more difficult. �ALWAYS CHECK THE FINE PRINT� From Bob Herzog�s Mets Notebook in NEWSDAY on 23 year old pitcher Jose Diaz: �His high heat induced mostly empty swings with an occasional foul ball. Hitters muttered and left the cage shaking their heads. �Gas-o-line!� jeered observer John Franco. �Whew�! said (Jose)Reyes after several futile swings.� Diaz is the pitcher formally known as Joselo Diaz. < |