The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

�HEY BARRY IS THAT A VIAL OF HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE IN YOUR POCKET��OR ARE YOU JUST HAPPY TO SEE ME?� Folks, the THG has hit the fan in the BALCO indictments. The defendants in this case are singing like Pavarotti at the Met. The SF Chronicle is reporting the following have received performance enhancing drugs form BALCO. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. Barry Bonds Garry Sheffield Jason Giambi Marvin Bernard Benito Santiago (he was given the �Age You Ten Years� hormone) Randy Velarde (he was given the �I Can�t It�s A Steroid� hormone) Through all this mess, Alan H. Selig sits by and fiddles while MLB burns. Little by little the rank and file of the MLBPA are becoming outspoken about testing for performance enhancing drugs. The two-headed monster of Fehr/Orza has been superb in putting out the little brush fires that have erupted form time to time. This one could turn into a forest fire if they are not careful. I�ve always felt that the PA have held drug testing as a trump card when negotiations of the CBA comes around, put the time has come to throw in the cards. Every player in baseball is now being looked at with a jaundice eye. The broad brush of guilt is spreading and ugly coat over all the players. Someone from the rank and file that has the juice (no pun intended) has to step up and take a leadership role before baseball becomes the W.W.E. where 30 year olds go to die. NOW BACK TO THE HAPPY NEWS. It seems the mainstreamers have finally caught on to what we Mets aficionados have know for a year that Scott Kazmir is a legit prospect. Kevin Kernan has discovered the Joy of Kazmir, as he watched him pitch in an inter-squard game. By the way leave it to �wet blanket� Jon Heyman to rain on the Kazmir parade. THE GOOD Jose Reyes flexed his 15 pounds of new muscle (I hope is was from a steady diet of rice and beans) by homering off Jason Anderson. But the star of the day was 3rd baseman David Wright, who went 3-3 (a 2run HR and 2 singles) and showed off a terrific glove at the hot corner. Tyler Yates and the under appreciated Dan Wheeler had impressive outings on the mound. Cliff Floyd stretched a single into a double running full steam ahead and reported no pain in his repaired Achilies. THE BAD RHP Jason Anderson, who had a lot to say when he was acquired from the Highlanders last summer, gave up the HR to Reyes. THE UGLY Victor Diaz in his first chance at 3rd base made 3 errors. Jason Phillips dropped a pick off throw. �I MADE THEM AN OFFER THE COULDN�T REFUSE� Hey piasians, Italian night is back on the schedule for August 30th at Shea. After an avalanche of phone calls and e-mails the Mets had no choice put add on one more night to International Week. THE FINAL WORD ON SORIANO TO THE METS After reading this article in NEWSDAY, I think it�s safe to say that Lil� Sori to the Mets is a closed case, judging by this quote from Soriano: �I want to be a second baseman� said Soriano �I don�t want [to] change to another position. I want to be a second baseman forever. I�m comfortable there� < |