The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, March 12, 2004

A good time was had by all at the Baseball Prospectus Pizza Feed in NYC last night. The best part of the evening, besides eating all the pizza you could hold down, was meeting some heavy hitters of the baseball blogging world. It was a real treat to finally meet in person, Alex Bleth of Bronx Banter fame and Jay Jaffe of the Futility Infielder.,Daren/Repoz, Alex Ciepley, and Cliff Corcoran. Also in attendance was the right honorable David Pinto of Baseball Mussings. The staff of Baseball Prospectus really put together a great evening. Special thanks goes to Steve Goldman of the Pinstripe Bible and Baseball Prospectus for �Making this night necessary� �NOW BACK TO THE VENOM��.� A very interesting piece in the PAGE 6 gossip page of the New York Post today told of how the recently canonized A-Rod prepared for his first spring training with the Highlanders: A-RODS FAVE Cynthia Rodriquez do you know where your husband is? Our spies say that before spring training began, new Yankee superstar Alex Rodriquez was paying regular visits to the VIP strip club on West 20th Street to enjoy lap dances from a certain Brazilian-born beauty. �he sees her and only her� says our insider. �He was coming in every other week. He�ll come in, sit at the bar and wait for her to come over. Then they go into the VIP room and she dances for him. He usually spends about $500 to $1,000 on her, getting lap dances and drinks.� A spokesman for the Yankees declined comment. As a public service to my loyal readers, I�ll be doing some in depth investigating reporting at the VIP Club once the Highlanders return to NY. �IT GETS LATE EARLY AROUND HERE����. The Mets right field situation is making me a tad nervous. Last night Karim �Wizzer� Garcia went 0 for 2 and Roger Cedeno went 0 for 1 with the obligatory botched fielding play in RF. I checked the results from yesterday�s spring games and it does not seem like the Mets played a spilt squad game, so the question I have is �Where the Hell was Shane Spenser�? Floyd and Cameron were in their proper spots but you would think that Artie from Queens would want Spenser to get some AB�s. I understand the Expos went with four right-handers but com�on it�s spring for Christ sake. I�m starting to see what the rest of the Mets bloggers are seeing and I may be looking for a seat on the �get Craig Wilson bandwagon� I can�t believe I just type that. If I�m the Duke, I have to be burning up the phone lines and scouring the wavier wires for someone to grab this spot. I just hope RF does not become a black hole position in �04. ��.AND THEN I SAW HIM PITCH�.NOW I�M A BELIEVER�� Aaron Heilman it seems has taken to the Tao of Professor Rick, as he went out and had another strong outing. After the game, Heilman was more upbeat and confident as I have seen since he came on the Mets scene. He said �He could have gone another 3 innings at least and that working with Peterson has really change his game and his thinking on the mound� So now in the race for the 5th starter spot, Scott Ericsson, Grant Roberts, Heilman, and add Tyler Yates in the mix, have been impressive. Add in Rickey Bottalico and the Gang of 3, Weathers, Stanton, and Franco (These geezers are like the workers on the Staten Island Ferry, they think they have a job for life.) along with Dan Wheeler plus closer Braden Looper along with the BIG 4 starters, that makes 14 pitchers for 11 spots. Let�s look at the lead pipe cinches to make the staff: Leiter Glavine Trachsel Seo Stanton Weathers Franco Looper That�s 8 spots filled. Now I would think that Grant Roberts has a spot either as the 5th starter or the long man in the pen. If Scott Ericsson continues to flourish, he could take the 5th spot and move Roberts to the pen. That leaves out Heilman who may have to start the season a Norfolk, as it makes no sense to put him in the pen. So that�s 2 more spots with one more to fill. Rickey Bottalico has the edge over Dan Wheeler with his experience as both set up man and as a closer. A healthy Bottalico could be the man to spell Looper to close out games. I�m not sure if Wheeler has any options ( I doubt he does) so if he went on the wavier wire he�d be snapped up by any team that�s been paying attention to Mets camp. How great is it to have depth in pitching? Remember you can never be too thin or too rich or ever have too much pitching. < |