The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, March 04, 2004

�GO LEAFS GO� We interrupt our talk of the NY Mets to vent about the darkest day in NY Rangers history. Brian Leetch the greatest player to ever wear the Rangers sweater, was dealt to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a first round draft choice in the 2004 draft and two prospects I have not been this disgusted with the Rangers since October 31, 1975 that's the day Ed Giacomin was shipped out to the Detroit Red Wings for the grand total of $100. How the hell can Little Jimmy Dolan allow Slats Sather to destroy this franchise? How does he sit by idly while Slats goes on Vancouver radio and bad mouths NY and Ranger fans? Slats was upset with the fans chanting �FIRE SATHER� and claimed that was one of the reasons the Rangers were underachieving. What Sather fails to mention is that when he should have been working to all summer to make sure the Rangers make the playoffs for the first time in 6 years, (now 7 years) he was on the golf course in Palm Springs and at his cottage in Banff Alberta. If Little Jimmy had any brains, he�d work out a buy out of Sather�s contract (he�s owed $8mil over the next 2 years) and hop in his limo for a ride through the Lincoln Tunnel, up the NJ Turnpike to exit 16 W, around Rt. 3 to the Meadowlands and throw himself at and a blank check at Devils Pres. Lou Lamirello, and beg him to take over the Rangers. Screw you Slats and Screw you Little Jimmy GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! �HEYMAN�S METS BASHING CONTINUES���� NEWSDAY columnist Jon Heyman had a great day yesterday. He saw the Dodgers thump the Mets in a spring training game and he got to write about Mike Piazza�s sore leg. He also was able to get a quote from an �anonymous scout�: �He doesn�t have good hands. He�s not a good catcher, so how�s he going to play first base? �I�m not sure he can make the switch�and he�s slow. It�s not a prerequisite but it doesn�t hurt either� We all know that Piazza is not Wes Parker but I can�t see where anyone thinks Mike will be that brutal at 1st. With Reyes at 2nd with his athletic ability and the great range he has, how much mobility will Piazza need at 1st? Just get back to 1st and catch the ball, that�s all he has to do. I don�t think anyone expects Piazza to make highlight film plays, just make the routine plays, that�s all. As for the statement about Piazza being a bad catcher, aside from throwing to 2nd base the last 2 years or so, he�s not that bad blocking balls in the dirt or his ability to call a game has not really been questioned. The main reason I have railed and I think most people as well, to put Piazza at 1st is to keep his potent bat in the Mets impotent line up. �LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO JACKIE ROBINSON FIELD���.� The dream of a new home for the Mets may be closer than we think. Today�s NY Times is reporting that the city is looking into condeming the land just outside the parking lot on 126th Street known as the �Iron Triangle�. This area is known for junkyards and auto repairs shops. It has the feel and look of the streets of Calcutta. There are no sidewalks or proper drainage, so rain water, auto fluids, and god knows what else lays stagnant in the streets. City officials PLUS Community leaders are in agreement that this tract of land-approximately 13 blocks in diameter-should be used for greater good. What could be better than a brand new baseball only park for the Mets called �Jackie Robinson Field�. With the land where Shea sits now, they could build a village with baseball themed shops and restaurants and a New York Baseball Museum. Freddy Skill Sets could build a replica of his beloved Ebbetts Field, with more seats of course. There is no need to waste tens of millions of dollars on a dome or roof over the ballpark. A nice opened air park with a nice bleacher section, wide concourse, and state of the art plumbing system is the way to go. < |