The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, March 08, 2004

From everything I've read and heard about John Henry Williams foucused on how he treated his father Ted Willams very badly in his declining years. JHW made Teddy Ballgame sign memorabilia till he was on the verge of exhaustion. John Henry it seems, could not make it on his own so he used his fathers fame to make a buck. Whenever old friends and teammates would venture down to Florida to spend time with Ted, JHW would sit there an watch and listen like a hawk. Then when Ted died and JHW had him sent to an Arizona cryogenics lab, he aired the William's dirty laundry in public and became joke fodder for late night TV hosts. You know somewhere Teddy Ballgame was embarrassed and infuriated by what his only son had done. John Henry Williams passed away at the age of 35 yesterday in California. As per his last wishes he will join his famous father in a tube at the lab in Arizona. As bad a guy as it seems John Henry was, it's is still an awful shame that someone so young had his life taken. < |