The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

"CALL THE FBI, BILL MADDEN HAS BEEN ABDUCTED" I nearly choked on my sesame bagel this morning while reading avowed Mets hater Bill Madden's coulmn. For the first time since Casey Stengel was named manager, Madden had a pro Mets story. He outlines how the plan of building through pitching and defense is the RIGHT way to go for the Amazin's. He also gives great information on the Mets droping out of the Soriano sweepstakes. You get the feeling from all the stories about Soriano that the Highlanders would have moved him even if the A-Rod proposal never came up: But just for the record, here's what a highly placed Mets source said yesterday about these creative rumors: "Why would anyone think we would trade any of our best young players for a guy we'd have only two years of control over?" He did not bother to add the underlying factors - Soriano's refusal to listen to advice, his periodic brain locks and his stated reluctance to move off second base - that deemed him expendable by the Yankees. But of course not everybody can shake their addiction to Sorriano. Bob Klapisch in an ESPN column is can't give it up. But there is hope as you see in this quote from his story: "For what Soriano costs today and next year and the year after, I wouldn't trade for him. He's not worth it, not for Kazmir," said the executive. "Soriano strikes out too much, he doesn't walk and he can't play defense. What else is there to think about?" Enough is enough. < |