The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, March 05, 2004

BILL MADDEN OF OLD IS BACK Just when I thought we had a convert from the Pinstripe Ass Kissers Club, Bill Madden renews his mebership. Pinstripe Bill has a column today about what a loner Mike Piazza is and how he acts so aloof around the clubhouse. Well, no shit Sherlock! I ranted about this last season about the Island of Mikey so Madden is breaking no new ground here. However, from all the other newspaper reports and from TV interviews I've seen with Piazza this spring, he looks as happy now as I've ever seen him as a Met. Piazza has resigned the fact that he will be a part time 1st baseman and play the majority of games behind the plate. He has busted his ass learning to play 1st and has spent ton's of time with, not just Jason Phillips and Vance Wilson, but with the Mets two top catching prospects Justin Huber and Mike Jacobs. Madden makes a fuss because Piazza move his locker after a pipe sprung a leak over his assinged spot. What is he supposed to do, sit there and have water drip on his head? Give me a break. So let me get this striaght, Piazza moving his locker because a pipe above his head is busted is cause for conceren but Madden fav the Giambino having an unhealthy obbsession with his strength coach is not a casue for conceren? Please! < |