The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, March 15, 2004

�BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, I GUESS�.� Myself and my fellow Mets bloggers, have been banging the gong since late January, when Vladimir Guererro was abducted to Disneyland, that the Mets should think very seriously about letting Victor Diaz play RF. So instead of taking our sage advise, the Mets brought in Karim Garcia, Shane Spencer, and brought back by unpopular demand Roger Cedeno and Timo Perez. Garcia and Spenser have not shown much this spring, besides an ability to embarrass themselves and the organization off the field. Cedeno and Timo have been consistent in their ability to suck at playing MLB. So, The Duke, Artie from Queens, and the other minions in the Mets front office have come up with a brilliant idea, �Let�s try Victor Diaz in RF�!!!!! Bloody brilliant! Diaz can hit, that is without question, but his infield defense is awful (gee, does sound like a certain ex-Highlander who now plays deep in the heart of Texas, that the media wants at Shea no matter the price?) so why not give him a shot as a corner outfielder?. The only question I have is, WHAT TOOK SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!. Diaz is coming off being named Rookie of the Year of the Dominican Winter League and he has won batting titles at his first two stops in the minors. Diaz played RF on Saturday against the Orioles and handled his two chances on fly balls with ease. When Mets minor league evaluator Guy Conti asked Diaz, what would he prefer playing 2nd base with the Tides or playing the outfield in the big leagues? Conti could not get the words out of his mouth, when Diaz said �outfield at Shea�. There are about 17 days left in spring training, so there may be time left for Diaz to learn enough of the nuance of outfield play to start the season there for the Mets. Could it hurt? Would you rather have a couple of has beens and an over paid underachiever plus a clueless bench player over a youth and enthusiasm with a wicked stick? < |