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Thursday, March 11, 2004

�BASEBALL RAISES (Mc)CAIN� Senator John McCain took MLB and the Don Fehr of the MLBPA out to the wood shed and gave them a thrashing. Well his angst was more toward Fehr, the head of the Players Union, for dragging his feet and not giving in to tougher testing and punishment for players using performance enhancing drugs. The one problem I have with Sen. McCain and Sen. Joe Biden�s quasi-grandstand play is the current drug testing policy in the CBA was collectively bargained. For a tougher drug policy to be imposed that would mean that the CBA be reopened and that the management would have to give something to the union to get this done. If the Congress or fans or media types think that Don Fehr will roll over and give in to any revision to the CBA for steroid testing without getting something of significance back, their delusional. All Commissioner Used Car Salesman needed at the hearings was a shawl over his shoulders and his glasses perched on the tip of his nose. What an old lady he turned into in front of the committee. He played the victim card to the hilt, saying that drug testing was the last item in the CBA that was negotiated and how he did not want to shut down the game because it would send the country back into depression after 9-11, (which must have gone over well with the White House, since 9-11 is the official tragedy of the Republican Party) and in a effort to keep baseball going, he agreed to this drug policy. He told McCain how much he agreed with what he had said and wished that management and the union could work out a policy that was the equivalent of the NFL�s. All that was missing were the violins. How about those wussy�s from the NFL? You would never think that NFLPA President Gene Upshaw was one the best and toughest offensive lineman to play the game. Could they have sucked up any more to McCain and his fellow Senators? Man, it was as bad as a Joel Sherman/Highlanders are the best column. �A PESSIMIST IS AN OPTIMIST WHO�S BEEN AROUND����..� That quote is from former NBA Coach Chuck Daly, who is a world class pessimist After watching last nights Mets game, I was not feeling very chipper about the outfield situation. Then after I read Lee Jenkins story in the NY Times on Mike Cameron and Cliff Floyd�s ailments I just hope I�m not reaching for the Welbutrin by May. The bone spur that Mike Cameron has on the big toe of his right foot seems to be something that will liner all season. How much will it hinder his play, remains to be seen. This paragraph had me in a bit of a cold sweat: �In the week before spring training, Cameron said he could hardly walk. He had to limit his activity at the beginning of camp, receiving extensive treatment and taking anti-inflammatory drugs. At one point, Cameron told Floyd, �This is killing me� and Floyd instructed him to take a few days off. Cameron now gets the toe taped every day and wears inserts in his shoes� Then Cliff Floyd claims he felt some burning and soreness in his repaired Achilles, and made this statement: �I�m disappointed� Floyd said, I want to tell you I�m ready to start the season right now. But I can�t.� GULP!!!!! That�s not what Mets fans want to here. Add that quote to what I witnessed last night, I�m a little concerned. Now, I know one game in March does not make a 162 season, but I saw Wiz Kid, Karim Garcia, strike out 3 times. I mean he was so off balance on each at bat and looked clueless on the breaking balls and off speed pitch. Roger Cedeno was in mid season form, as he took an 0'fer in 3 at bats. Timo Perez at least drew a walk; unfortunatly there was no short pier to be found. On a positive note, the pitching was outstanding. Jae Seo looked a little rusty in the first 2 innings but he was able to change speeds and get his command in his last 2 innings of work. Scott Erickson had his sinker dropping like a lead weight and the ground ball outs were plentiful. Rickey Bottalico was giddy after his 1 inning of work telling Professor Rick (who wore a mic for MSG telecast) �This is the best I�ve felt in a year� and �For the first time in my career, I don�t feel I have to strikeout every batter I face�. < |