The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, March 14, 2004

"BARTENDER, I'LL HAVE A DOUBLE MAALOX WITH A PEPTO CHASER......" Jose Reyes left today's game with what is being called a "strained right hamstring". I am starting to get very leery of the Mets front office when they diagnose injuries. Kaz Matsui was supposed to miss a few days after getting a couple of stitches in his right index finger and so far he has not played a game a short in any spring training game. Mike Piazza just has soreness in his right quad, but he has not seen any playing time at 1st base in over a week. Now Reyes is hurt. I know Reyes and Matsui went to St. Lonesome a couple of weeks earlier than their reporting date to work out together, but there should be a lot of concern about the chemistry of the double play duo. But of course Little Artie Sunshine still sees seashells and balloons when asked about the impacted of Reyes injury: "It's a real concern. But he is young, and he plays hard," Howe said. "It's one of those things." I bet he had that dopey grin on his face when he said that as well. < |