The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, February 08, 2004

WHO DID THOMAS J. WHITE PISS OFF? Mark Hale of the NY Post has a story on the new and improved spring training home of the Mets in Port St Lonesome. The facility will also be used by the FSL St. Lonesome Mets. The stadium formerly know as Thomas J. White Stadium is now called Mets Stadium ( how original) until the Skill Sets can bilked some shumck for dough for naming rights. So the FSL team has a fabulous facility, the NY-Penn Brooklyn Cyclones play in a gem of a ball park in Coney Island and the parent team the New York Mets play in a hell hole. This is the 41st season of Shea Stadium. It's a great place if you like standing in ankle deep sewage when you go to the men's room, or the smell of grease from the sausage stand, and the stench of stale beer that has seeped into the concrete on the concourse levels. The place has gone beyond eyesore status. But, say this for Mets fans, they are true baseball fans and do show up in the millions to watch their Amazin's. Why else would you go to Shea? There are no restaurants in the stadium, unless your part of the elite clientel who dines in the Diamond Club. Casey's and the Bullpen Lounge make Popeye's and White Castle Le Cirque and 21. Is it too much to ask for a clean restroom,(God rest Leon Hess soul) a decent place to eat, and a place your not embarrassed to bring an out of town guest to? You would think a man of Freddy Skill Sets stature could bring together the movers and shakers of the real estate world he flourishes in to come up with a plan for a new ball park. Not a multi-purpose stadium. Not a place with a retractable roof. Not a place for anything else but baseball. For GOD SAKE WE ARE IN NYC!. There has to be a way to build a ball park without fleecing the working people of this city. I mean the Nets, THE NETS are getting a brand place to play over the METS!!! There are about 7,000 Nets fans in the tri-state area ( and I'm being generous here) there are millions and millions of Mets fans. We deserve a decent ball park. < |