The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, February 02, 2004

SUPER BOWL XXXVIII PATRIOTS 32 PANTHERS 29 A funny thing happened at the Super Bowl last night, an Arena League game broke out. WOW talk about a complete turnaround. The first half was a fight for turf as both defenses dug in and stifled the offenses. I don�t know what happened near the end of the 1st half, if both D�s were tired or just some lapses in coverage that led to 24 points (Pats 14 Cats 10) in about 5 minutes of game time. Then after an interminable wait for the half time crapola show (more on that later) the second half was set to go. No scoring in the 3rd quarter then came the 4th quarter for the ages. First, Attention all NFL Head Coaches: SHRED THOSE 2 POINT CONVERSION CHARTS PLEASE! Phil Sims said it the best �now you are chasing points�. With 12 minutes and change left in the game and down 21-16, there was still plenty of football to play. That missed 2 pt conversion changed the complexion of the game. Second, John Kasay, what were you thinking about? KICK THE BALL DOWN THE MIDDLE!. That was the play of the game as it gave the Pats and Tom Brady new life, as Brady moved his team downfield for the game winning field goal. Here�s the question of the day. Who has had the better career so far Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Manning has all the gaudy numbers but Brady has the bling-bling. I take Brady. One of the most striking stats from this Super Bowl for me is that the Pats ran 83 plays from scrimmage to 53 for the Panthers. Now to the Pre and Halftime show. The NFL has to decide if the Super Bowl is going to be a variety show or a championship football game. Who was the a-hole that decided to bring in Josh Groban to sing that maudlin ballad in honor of the Columbia astronauts who were killed one year ago? Both teams were primed and ready to play in a game that means everything to them and they have to stand on the sidelines all keyed up and listen to the awful song (By the way, Groban has something in common with Larry David, they both pee sitting down, only Groban does it out of necessity) and have half the audience looking for a ledge. Why not do the Columbia tribute about 2 hours before the game? There must be some competition between Brittney Spears, Madonna, and Janet Jackson. Kind of like celebrity poker. Brittney and Madonna call with the Sapphic kiss and Janet says I see your kiss and raise you one tittie. I love to kill Alan H.Selig any chance I can, but even he would never ever have his sport associated with the bullshit that went on at the Super Bowl. Paul Tagliabue should hang his head in shame. That�s enough football, pitcher and catchers in 2 weeks. < |