The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, February 29, 2004

THE "SORI" THAT WON'T GO AWAY The Alfonso Sorriano to the Mets for (fill in the prospect) just keeps growing legs. Jon Heyman of NEWSDAY and Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record are reporting today, that the Texas Rangers have set their sites on Scott Kazmir as the gotten gains for Lil' Sori. But wasn't it just the other day that Freddy Skill Sets proclaimed that Kazmir was as close to an untouchable as there is in the organization? Wilpon watched Kazmir throw live batting practice yesterday and said, "He's not going anywhere." I know all the pluses on Lil' Sori. The power and speed and his placement in the batting order at the 3 or 5 spot and the protection that Piazza would have is very very inticing and intriguing, but I do not want to loses Kazmir. I admit I have never seen Kazmir pitched ( I missed seeing him at Brooklyn by a day) but the reports that I have read make it impossible for me to believe the Mets would let this him go. John Sickels in his 2004 Prospect Book rates Kazmir an A-. Sickles also states he believes Kazmir to be the best LHP prospect in baseball. So far Kazmir has shown a FB that is close to unhitable and a slider that�s as nasty as Courtney Love. Sickels also states that the only thing that could derail Kazmir's career is injury, and you could say that about any player. However, with Rick Peterson as the CEO of Pitching, I'm sure his "Preabilataion program" will cut down the risk of that. Looks to me the Rangers are desperate to unload Sorriano. The Duke has to play this like a savvy card shark. Tell Hicks and Hart no on Kazmir and take it from there. I have no problem going after Soriano but let's get him on OUR terms. No Reyes and No Kazmir. < |