The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, February 14, 2004

SEND LAWYERS, GUNS, AND MONEY......THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN........ I would think Don Fehr and Gene Orza are strapping on the Depends as the BALCO scandal has reached the indictment stage. Sports fans will tolerate a lot, but they draw the line when they doubt whether a game or an athletes performance is legit. What has to have the MLBPA shaking is that the Feds are now getting involved in this investigation. It's one thing dealing with The Used Car salesman-Alan H. Selig-but it's a whole new ballgame dealing with Attorney General John Ashcroft. You also have to figure, one of the defendants either BALCO capo Victor Conte or even Barry Bonds personnel trainer and best friend Graig Anderson will flip like a dolphin at Sea World if given the choice of jail or probation. The question that I have is, what does the MLBPA do now? What I can never figure out about baseball players is why do the let the PA leaders dictate to them how the should go about their business. The vast majority of players want the DH abolished, but the PA tells them it will never happen. A player like Alex Rodriguez is willing to pay money to relocate to a better work environment to be happy and the union says "No, you stay in Arlington and be miserable at $20 mil a year"! Now you have the performance enhancing drug scandal and the vast majority of players see this as something that could spell doom for the game and want something done. Most players are using common sense ,since 90% are "clean" ,but they are painted with the broad drug tainted brush of the minority of their brethren. It's no different when a cop is arrestted for being a rouge and the rest of the force is portrayed the same way by the public. Attorneys as well , for every shyster that's out there, there are many more layers who are looking to help people who are in need of important legal representation . It's time for the MLBPA to step up to the plate and give in to steroid and performance enhancing drug testing. When you start planting seeds of doubt in peoples minds as to whether a game or an athletes performance is on the up and up you have a serious problem. Sometime you have to what's right for "The Game". < |