The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, February 28, 2004

OLD TIMERS DAY AT PT. ST. LONESOME Al Goldis and Bill Livesey, the Mets two "Super Scouts" are the subject of a terrific story in today's NY Times. Goldis and Livesey have a combined 80 years of experience beating the bushes and sandlots looking for talent. Both men have impressive resume in that area. More and more it seems the Mets front office is getting it's act together. First we see they have blended the old-Goldis & Livesey-with the new- stat man Ben Baumer-along with some good planning by The Duke on the path he wants the organization to follow, pitching and defense. This quote from Livesey is one that should be etched in stone and given to Freddy and Jeffy Skill Sets with a note saying, LIVE IT, LEARN IT, LOVE IT: "I learned there that in this day and age, you have to have a core group of your own players," said Livesey, who was hired by the Mets after Bill Singer was fired for making racially insensitive comments to a Los Angeles Dodgers executive. "We don't just want to build a championship team, because that can go away. We want to build a championship organization. That's the job here." That says it all. As a Mets fan do you want to win one World Series every 20 years or do you want to build an organization where your a major contender every year? Then also have the depth to reach down to your farm system and grab a player to step in when one of regulars go down? That seems to be the philosophy that just might invigorate the Mets. Look at all the great stories so far this spring, of Matsui & Reyes working together. Piazza hagin' with Jason Phillips and Vance Wilson plus lockering next to Justin Huber and Mike Jacobs. That's the leadership we have been looking for from Mike. The old heads of the pitching staff seem to have taken a shine to Professor Rick. The Mets players just seem to have done a 180 degree turnaround with their attiutdes toward going out and winning. My God, even Artie form Queens looks down right managerial. < |