The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, February 22, 2004

The NY Times and NY Daily News had great stories today on the young arms in the Mets organization. One of the lessons the organization has learned is not to spout off over minor league prospects. Former GM's Joe McIllvaine and Steve Phillips were the worst offenders of that practice. McIllvaine waxed poetic about Gregg Jefferies that Mets fans thought he was the second coming of Ty Cobb. Instead he turned out to be the second coming of Don Bosch. Phillips went ga-ga over Generation K-Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen and Bill Pulshiper-and all three-well maybe not Izzy-were busts. The Duke is more low key on the farm hands. Having been in the organization as long as he has, he 's seen first hand that the big build up helps no one, especially the players. But as we have seen the Mets minor leagues are turning out some very good prospects. < |