The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

MR. SPEAKER, I RELINQUISH THE REST OF MY TIME TO THE SENATOR FROM FLUSHING. Senator Al has commented on the A-Rod to the Evil Empire. He takes a shot at the MLBPA of which he serves on the executive board: "I don't see how it's a financial gain for a player to get a (hotel) suite on the road," said Leiter, a member of the executive board of the players association, which approved this deal but not the one with the Red Sox. Leiter was referring to how A-Rod will get a hotel suite on the road and also will have his Web site linked to the Yankees site." It's no secret that VP of the MLBPA Gene Orza is a huge Highlander fan. I know for a fact that Orza was dancing a jig in a private suite inside Sodom and Gomorrah Stadium the night Aaron F'in Boone hit the HR to beat the Olde Town Team. In fact Orza is a frequent guest of the Evil Empire during the season. Leiter also added this quote: First of all, the Mets are definitely on the right track, going for younger, more athletic players," he began. "But whatever our failure was not to sign him -- and we've been reminded of that over and over again -- at least before he was buried away down in Texas. Now he's just a few miles away across the river in the Bronx, and we get to hear about his exploits all the time. "I don't think salt in the wound describes it enough. It's more like rubbing salt, and then pouring hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol and rust in there at the same time." Maybe, just maybe this is the carrot that could motivate the Amazin's this season. How long do you allow yourself to kicked in the ass, when you finally take that "Kick Me" sign off our back. You know what will show me if the Mets have onions? The first game of the Mets-Yankees inter-league series,(June 25th at Sodom and Gomorrah) someone puts a pitch right under A-Rod's chin. < |