The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, February 27, 2004

MORE SORI TO METS It seems the Texas Rangers will not take no for answer when it comes to sending Alfonso Soriano to the Mets. Knowing that Reyes and Scott Kazmir are off limits, it seems they are enamored with the Mets rich crop of pitching prospects. Mets Analyst has posted an interesting proposal of Matt Peterson and Victor Diaz and or Justin Huber or Mike Jacobs for Sorriano. That is quite enticing. The big question is will Sorriano resign himself to playing RF? He was adamant about playing 2nd base in Arlington as he would tell anyone who would question him about moving to the outfield that he is a "2 time All Star 2nd baseman". Is it worth trading a potenial 2 or 3 starter like Peterson? I don't think The Duke is ready to pull the trigger by this quote: We've never had a plan that combined a core of veteran guys with a core of signed-and-developed guys in our system," Duquette said yesterday. "Not since the '80s anyway. "Now we've got guys coming through the system who are growing up together, learning to win together. I think that's important." This is what has me on the fence with this type of acquisition. We have a core of young guys who have grown together and have won at the minor league level. That's how you build a winning atmosphere in your organization. While I straddle the fence, I'm leaning more and more to no deal! < |