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Saturday, February 21, 2004

MIKEY'S IN DA HOUSE!!!!!!! Mike Piazza hit Port St Lonesome yesterday and put on a show for folks at camp. This birds eye view from Mark Hale of the NY Post: {Piazza began the drills after doing some catching work and putting on a thunderous power display in his first batting practice, wrapping up his session with a booming drive off the blue-netted Monster in center field. Just for reference sake, the fence is 410 feet away from home, and the shot spiked off the net, some 30 feet up in the air.} After that he headed over to another field to put in some work at 1st base. It seems Mikey is ready, willing and able to play 1st base. I had a great chat with Joe MacDonald the head honcho over at MOFO SPORTS, I asked him how many games he thought Piazza would play at 1st. He broke it down this way: 1st base-50 games Catcher- 90 games DH-9 Sounds like the right break down to me. If Artie form Queens and The Duke presented that to Mikey, I think he sign on for that. Mikey seems primed and ready for the season from these quotes in Kevin Kiernan' column in the Post: "No matter what happens in these next two years, I think it's important for me to get over there at first, and you know what, it is going to help my career," said Piazza, who worked three weeks over the winter to begin to learn the new position. "It is going to help me play into my 40s if I want to do that. "And that's what, for me, I think is important to realize." Mikey also touched on the failure to communicate that seems to be one of the aspects of managing that Artie from Queens needs to improve on: Piazza admitted yesterday that Howe's actions stung him last season, but maintained the two now have a positive relationship. "My rules and sort of ideas about being a man are very simple: You come to me, tell me what you think," Piazza said about the Mets' handling of his move. "You may not like what they say, but at least you have to respect someone when they talk to you about it. Just the fact that it wasn't really done as far as talking to me face-to-face and there was a little bit behind-the-scenes thing, that's always a little bit of a turnoff for me. "But I just want to do what's best for the ballclub. It wasn't like it was a catastrophic event. It was just one of those things. In any relationship, you have sometimes a little bit of a miscommunication. "It's important for myself and the organization to turn the page, and I'm very positive. For myself, personally, I think it's an interesting next phase, or whatever phase of my career I'm in, to show that I can do that and be more versatile as a player." If Artie and The Duke would have went to Mikey and laid out their plan for him to play some 1st base last season, a whole lot of bullshit could have been avoided. Live and learn guys, live and learn. < |