The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, February 22, 2004

LOST IN TRANSLATION That's how I feel after trying to purchase Mets tickets on line. Once you get hooked in to the Mets web site and click on the game you want, you are thrust into this black hole called "The Virtual Waiting Room". It's sort of like a purgatory for ticket buyers. Well after sitting there for an hour, I decide enough was enough. I headed over to e-Bay were I bought 2 tickets for opening day April 12th. I won't even print how much I paid for the tickets, but they are box seats in the Upper Deck (My favorite level by the way) behind home plate. By the way there were loads of listings on e-bay for THE openning day in Atlanta. I was very tempted to click on those as well. It looks as all the games at Shea versus the Highlanders are sold out. The bad part is lots of Highlander fans have purchased those tix. I guess it's the convient parking that brings them out. < |