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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

LETS LOOK AT THE HEADLINES: Mets say �NO� to Sorriano For Jose Reyes that is. After further review I still think the Mets made the right choice. It�s funny, when Mo and the Diva were stinkin� up the joint, the cry from Mets fans was �PLAY THE KIDS� �THE KIDS PLAY WITH PASSION� YADA YADA YADA! So The Duke charts the course of the team by building a foundation on defense and pitching. With Scott Kazmir, Matt Peterson, Bob Kepel and the like waiting in the pitching wings and players who seem to have passion and talent like Matsui and Reyes, and the always popular �hard-nosed� player (known in hockey circles as grit) in Wiggy, Jason Philips and Vance Wilson, some in Mets fandom want to scrap the plan. Folks, you can�t have it both ways. I know patients is not a sports fans virtue but let�s just take a deep breath and let the Duke do his job. I have a little more bad news for you; I don�t think we are winning the World Series this year. I�m just looking to be mediocre. A .500 season or better is the best you can hope for. Let�s look at this season as something to build on. THE FOLLOWING POST WAS PAID FOR BY FRIENDS OF SENATOR AL LEITER The good Senator from Flushing was on the stump yesterday in Pt. St. Lonesome and he seem a bit agitated by all the question about our neighbors to the North, the Highlanders: "Guys in here absolutely better not be thinking about what's going on across town. It doesn't matter. Who cares? So they're getting the back page? That's not our problem. If talk-radio is talking about us in a negative way - we deserved it the way we played last year. "It's a concern for the organization, for marketing and all that. But as players, we've got a nice new core of players and we've got to go out and make pitches, win games. We do that and people will get excited about our club again. Nothing else will do it." Senator Al wants to leave the bitching and moaning to professionals like me. Good for the Senator. The message is out there loud and clear, pay attention to your job and don�t worry about the other guys. I would tell the little splinter group of Mets fans in the �Woe is We� collation to pay heed to the senators words as well. THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING 1ST BASEMAN Kate Moss���.errrrr I mean Jason Giambi reported to Highlander camp yesterday. I think it was Giambi, I mean there was a picture in the paper of a guy who looked more like Lance Bass than the Giambino, but the caption said is was Jason Giambi. Maybe the papers will print a retraction to tomorrow. NEW ERA CAP CO. RUNS OUT OF WOOL MAKING A CAP FOR BARRY BONDS BALCO client Barry bonds arrived in Scottsdale Az showing no signs of any weight reduction. In fact he look his super human self. Bonds still maintains that he does not take any performance enhancing drugs even though his childhood friend and personal trainer/lackey Greg Anderson is under indictment in the BALCO scandal. UNION OFFICALS ESCAPE INJURIES CROSSING MIDTOWN STREET MLBPA officials Don Fehr and Gene Orza escaped serious injury yesterday when they did not see an on coming car as they crossed Park Avenue. Fehr and Orza claim the blinders both men were wearing made impossible to see the on coming vehicle. NON-BASEBALL DADA DADA DADA DA�.DADA DADA DADA DA�.DA DA DA DA �THE RANGERS SUCK! There has to be a way that the Hockey Hall of Fame can recall the induction of Glen Sather in it�s hallowed hall. When is �Slats� going to step up and resign as coach/gm/president of the Blueshirts? And Little Jimmy Dolan, can you get head out of Isaiah Thomas�s ass and look at the fall of the Ranger Empire. When is the Weasel Betman going to step in and order Dolan to get his icehouse in order? Sorry Kansas City Scout and Icelander fans, when the Rangers are bad like this no one gives a rat�s ass about hockey. That�s what makes this the worst time in NYR history; Ranger fans have gone from anger to who gives a shit. When it gets to the who gives a shit stage, your organization is in very serious trouble. < |