The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, February 06, 2004

IT�S OFFICAL: ERICKSON�S A MET All you folks holding para-mutual tickets on Mr. Lisa Guerrero joining the Mets, head to the windows and cash them in. Erickson is the latest candidate to throw his banged up shoulder into the new game show �Who Wants To Be the 5th Starter?� as he has signed a minor league deal. The winter of close out shopping continues. What the hell, the more the merrier, I guess. I know some folks are not happy with the signing, but I don�t see the problem. I understand that Erickson will most likely be a shell of what he was, after missing about 2 years of playing, but it is the 5th spot in the rotation we�re talking about. To me it�s a no lose situation, if he can�t hack it, see ya! If he�s capable, it�s a coupe. CLIFF IS BACK AND THAT�S THAT The papers have stories today on Cliff Floyd and how he�s primed and ready for spring training. Floyd claims he�s close to 100 % although he has some soreness in the Achilles, he says that�s to be expected. Floyd seems to be a �Playa� Hatea�� when it comes to watching the Fish win the World Series: "Floyd admitted he was depressed by the Marlins' World Series win over the Yankees, since he spent parts of six seasons with Florida, most of them languishing in last place. "That was tough," he said. "I'm not going to lie - I was hating it big time." Yo Dog your hangin� with the Mets, now! Don�t be bringing up past relationships. Let�s put that energy towards getting yourself and the Mets fit to fight in �04. GAMMONS ROCKS!!!!!! Literally that is. Peter Gammons has a fundraiser in Boston every winter called �Hot Stove, Cool Music�. The proceeds of this event go to the Jimmy Fund for children with cancer. Also through this event Gammons has released a CD �Hot Stove, Cool Music Vol.1� Folks, this is one terrific CD. If you are a Rock & Roll fan you will go absolutely nuts for this. There are 18 tracks on the disk and one song is better than the next. You even get Gammons singing the Chuck Berry classic �Carol� with a voice that reminds me of John Hiat. The Dropkick Murphy�s along with Kate Hanley, do a kick ass rendition of �The Dirty Glass�, and The Allman Brothers �Desdemona� is worth the price of the CD by itself. The CD is $10 bucks and is well worth it. < |